Pampering the old guy …

foot bathHere is something that I haven’t tried yet but the husband of a friend of mine swears by it.  As a matter of fact this is what he actually said to her … “Tell that friend of yours who writes those “things” for all us old codgers that she needs to tell them to try this.”  (Which points out the fact that there are still a lot of seniors who don’t feel at home in the blogging world … but I’ll save that for another entry !)

My friend went on to say that her husband has suffered from foot pain for years.  His doctors couldn’t find a name for it and most just attributed it to old age.  However the aches and burning feet were (and are) a reality and he was very happy to say that the Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat has been a life saver for him.

This is a very long name for a FOOT BATH but he feels that this particular one deserves a big title since it does such a big job for him.   Once, or sometimes twice, a day he fills it with warm water and slips his tired, achy feet inside. Then his toes can activate the controls which give him high or low bubbles and also a waterfall effect that he says is very soothing to the top of his feet especially.

He was happy to point out that the foot tub does not contain a heating element (which he felt could be a safety factor) and yet the water stays nice and warm for at least 20 minutes.  He says that’s all the time he needs to rejuvenate his feet

Then once a week his wife gives him a special Spa treatment.  After his usual soak she uses the attachments that come with the Conair foot bath… the pumice stone, scrub brush and massager…on his feet.   I think the Spas call this Hydrotherapy but I prefer to think of it as one way for a wife of over 50 years to tell the old guy that she still loves him !

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