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Old Wives Tales are often myths that are thought to be untrue or not based in fact.  However I grew up in the Depression years and the Old Wives Tales that I remember most were the ones that we DID test over and over and found them to be true.  They were the ones that saved us a bunch of money by utilizing items common to every household.

So, whether they are Old Wives Tales or not I still think of them as such and thought it would be fun to list a few of them here since I know we all like to find ways to save money.

  1. Living plants in the home are natural air purifiers .  You don’t need to buy those costly Brand Named scents that often seem to overpower you with their fake aromas.  Specific varieties that work best are rubber trees, corn plants, bamboo palm, ficus, English ivy and philodendronss.
  1. Forget window cleaning sprays.   Saturate a cloth with inexpensive white vinegar straight from the bottle to wash your windows and then use newspapers to absorb the liquid.  The fibers that make up newspaper are denser than paper towels and don’t fall apart so easily.  I also grew up being told that the printers ink in the paper helped to bring out the sparkle in the glass but that I can’t prove.  I only know it works !
  1. Unclog your drains.    This one does use a Brand Name item but it’s still a lot less expensive than the heavy duty products.   If your clog is not too severe this works great.  Just dissolve 4 Alka Seltzer tablets in a cup of vinegar and flush down the drain with boiling water.
  1. Removing furniture scratches.  This is one of my favorites and all it takes is a nutcracker and some walnuts.  Remove the nut from the shell and rub it over the marks in the wood.  The oils from the nut will penetrate the surface and remove the scratches.  This works well on all varieties of wood !

So, there you have it.   I hope I’ve tempted you to write to us and share some of your own money saving home ideas.

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