My old arthritic hands …

my hands

At age 81 my old hands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aches and pains.  However I feature them here to make a point.

Over the past few years I’ve lost most of the strength in my hands and it was  getting harder and harder for me to open jars. I had resorted to some of the old standbys … turning the jars upside down, tapping all edges on a hard surface and twisting as hard as I could … adding a rubber band to the cap, hoping it would provide needed traction … running the jar under hot water, etc., etc.; but, all these practices rarely did the job and it was extremely frustrating.

However, all was not lost, I found a simple but very effective opener that works perfectly for me.


It’s the Maddagrip Opener and I am amazed that this simple device has given me such relief. I can easily open anything from small vials to large jars and my arthritic hands seem almost like a thing of the past as I grip with this device.

Now I can forget about the weakness in my hands and rely on my new “toy”. It sure beats waiting for a strong man to come by and open those pesky jars … I could starve by then!

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