It sure helped Peg …


My sister, Peg and her husband lived in Gainesville, Florida and, since I am in North Carolina, we found that emailing was a wonderful way for us to keep in touch. We shared so many memories and I loved Peggy’s quirky sense of humor. It became part of our weekly routine and when it suddenly stopped I knew something was terribly wrong.

I spoke with my brother-in-law and he told me that Peg was in the hospital undergoing a battery of tests. To make a long story short it was the beginning of the decline for Peg and she passed away in December 2012. However, there was a long period when she was well enough to stay at home but her dexterity and eyesight were not what they had been and our emailing days seemed to be over.

So I was thrilled when, all of a sudden, Peg started emailing me again and it wasn’t until I went to visit that I found out why. Her husband had presented her with one of the large print keyboards with high contrast letters and symbols that were much larger than the standard ones.


It literally gave her back one of the joys that she thought she had lost forever.

I know that the keyboards  come in yellow with black letters and in black with white letters but hers was like the standard one that I picture. I can’t remember what brand it was but I’m sure that Unlimiters will showcase the one that they prefer. Maybe you, or someone you know, will benefit from one of these keyboards. I hope so.

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