It’s never too late …

it's never too late
In last week’s blog entry I mentioned my sister Mary and I’ve had her on my mind ever since then. She was the oldest of 5 girls (I the youngest) and we were brought up in the depression and WWII years. I tell you this because it resulted in all of us being very frugal and that plays a part in what I am relating here.

Mary was an amazing woman who actually got her Masters in Social Work at the age of 65 and worked up until her mid 70’s. The reason that she started a career so late in life is that she was tied into a very unhappy marriage to a doctor and, as is the case with so many women, she chose to stay for the children’s sake. Mary was always shy but her ex saw to it that her self esteem went down the tubes too. It took her a long long time after her divorce to finally resurface as a viable human being.

I remember that we, in her immediate family, were very worried because she was so depressed and nothing we did seemed to help. It was into her 3rd year as a single woman again that I finally got the call that I’d been hoping for. It sounds so silly in the retelling but it’s true.

“Guess what?” said Mary in a bubbly and happy voice, “I am finally free !”
She went on to tell me that when she and dorko split up she couldn’t resist taking the gallon of liquid soap that was in his office because it was almost full and, although she hated the smell, she just couldn’t justify getting rid of it. Well…she finally did it. She poured it all down the drain and replaced it with a lightly scented lavender soap and that’s all it took to get her started on the long trek back to a contented life. !
As we grow into our 70’s and 80’s many of us forget that we can still have an interesting and exciting life. I can only speak for myself but I find that getting rid of excess baggage is crucial for me. It clears the way so that those things that are really important in my life can flourish.

If you find yourself buried in “stuff” take a good look and start getting rid of the excess. You will be amazed at how good it feels. It works, it really does.

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