Her Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

EYE DROPMy friend Martha wanted me to tell you about this product that has been such a help to her.  She is almost 90 and for the past 3 years has been treated for glaucoma.  She is still living at home and can handle most household chores but she struggled when it came to administering her eye drop medication.

Like many of us as we grow older Martha also suffers with arthritis in her hands.  This made it very difficult for her to hold the small bottle and she would often see the drops rolling down her cheeks instead of into her eyes. She also had a hard time not blinking.

Martha’s opthamologist had made it very clear that it was vital to get the correct dosage in her eyes but that seemed to be impossible for her until he suggested she purchase the Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser.   It has made all the difference.

Martha says she just takes the top off the eye drop bottle and then inserts the bottle into the dispenser. When its closed it becomes an eye cup and the larger size makes it comfortable and easy to handle.  A light squeeze is all it takes to dispense the single drop that is prescribed and she never has to worry about missing the target.
So, once again, we have a very small item with a very large impact !

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