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I have a good friend who seems to have the best of all worlds.  She is living independently in an adorable cottage that is on her son’s property.  Although she is an octogenarian she still drives and does not rely on others to shop for her or to take her to appointments.

However she did have one concern.  She was still spry but found that her balance was not as good as it had been and that could become a big problem when it came to her staircase.  She worried that she might fall but there was no way that she could switch to ground floor living as so many of us do as we age.

Her home, although delightful, is very small …consisting of a combination living/dining room, tiny kitchen and half bath on the main floor and two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs.   If she were to stay where she was she needed to make an adjustment and her son had an easy answer.



He purchased an inexpensive banister, painted it with a heavy duty gloss paint that repels hand prints and adhered it to the wall.  She loves it and now, instead of gingerly maneuvering the stairs twice a day as she had been doing, she actually includes it in her daily exercise regimen !

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