Arthritic hands (continued)

Last week I wrote about Ellen and her arthritic hands. She had some good hints about managing simple kitchen tasks. Now I will take it a step further with the help of another friend.

Terry is only in his late fifties but he is already plagued with painful arthritis in his hands and wrists. He is also a man who doesn’t give up and sit back feeling sorry for himself so I was anxious to hear what he could recommend. He swears by the Xtensor Hand Exerciser by Clinically Fit, Inc. and he couldn’t wait to tell me about it. Xtensor Terry was introduced to the Xtensor exerciser two years ago when his doctor recommended it to help him relieve the tendonitis is his wrist. It was while using it that he realized he had less pain in his hands too. He has been using it ever since.

Like so many people Terry has a job where he is using the computer constantly. This repetitive action is really rough on his hands and, on top of that, he is a fine guitarist and that just exacerbates the problem. He says that the Xtensor is different from most hand strengtheners that exercise the muscles that close the hand. It is actually the exact opposite. The Xtensor Hand Exerciser is a gentle resistance training program designed to strengthen the finger extensor muscles that open the hands. This improves the finger joints and makes them more flexible.

Arthritic hands can be unsightly, weak and very painful but at least there are products that make it easier for those of us who suffer from it. The Xtenser Hand Exerciser is one of them.

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