Anyone for an ANIMAL CRACKER ???

Remember these little gems? They’re still around … as I found out when a co-worker brought a big jug of them recently to the Clinic where I volunteer twice a week. It really jogged my memory and it also made me thankful to see that they are still in existence.

I think that the sugar industry has done a thorough (and despicable) job in changing the taste buds of America.  It’s no wonder we have a crisis of obesity in our country and it’s not just among the youngsters.  Type 2 diabetes has risen drastically in the last 10 years among the elderly and it’s time we faced that head on.

I think I first became aware of Animal Crackers in the late ‘30’s. I would have been about 5 then and I recall that my sisters and I were each given one of the little boxes with the strings attached as a Christmas treat.  We would savor every bite and then hang the boxes on the tree as decorations!

I am so glad that they are still on the market.  They are delightfully different from most of the sickly sweet cookies and candies that are foisted on us today.

I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but it doesn’t take one of those to know that sugar is often the culprit contributing to the rise of Type 2 diabetes and many other medical problems.  We don’t have to cut out sugar completely but how about turning the clock back to that simpler time … when a box of Animal Crackers was all the sweetness we needed?

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