…And The Author Wrote Back!!!

This is not just an ordinary shelf of books.  It’s a collection that I started four years ago.  Although the authors vary in content and writing style they have one thing in common … they’ve all answered the emails I wrote to them expressing my pleasure with their work.

I find that many of the new writers are much more open to communicating than ones in the past.  Here are three of my favorites and the authors answers:

“The Book Thief”, Markus Zusak  ….”the fact that my writing has also meant something to you is something that can never be taken for granted.  You write and think no-one will read it, let alone be compelled to write to you about it. You’ve made my day”.

“The Welsh Girl”, Peter Ho Davies …”Many thanks for your kind note.  It is such a pleasure to hear from readers who’ve enjoyed the book.  I was especially glad you liked that scene in the pub, it’s one of my favorites too” etc.  (he goes on to tell me of his new book which he is having trouble putting down on paper!)

“The Night Circus”, Erin Morgenstern … “I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the book!  It is indeed my first novel and it’s amazing that the response has been so strong” etc. (also talks of her new idea for a book and signs it “Cheers, Erin”)

Isn’t that neat?  I’ve found that about 90% of those that I write to have answered.   It tells me that published authors are just as needy of kind words as any of us … maybe more so.

Give it a try … it’s fun, it’s FREE, and, as Markus said …it just might make their day … and yours!

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