Waiting for the Right Trend

I am not much for trends. But every once and a while a trend will come along that I like and I will quickly jump on board. Usually I stay long after everyone else has jumped ship; my Blackberry is a great example of this. However, I do not do trendy things for the sake of the trend. I think oversized glasses are silly and I had enough of eighties fashion in the eighties. That being said, I love when a trend works in my favor.

For years I couldn’t find a cute purse to save my life. This was because I wanted [needed] a long strap to wear cross-body, and long straps on purses were just not the “in thing” when I entered the purse needing phase of my life. I usually had two options: old lady style bags or giant messenger bags. Then the style Gods smiled upon me and suddenly cross-body bags became all the rage. Now I have a cute purse in almost every color. Later, the same thing happened with shoes. For years I was forced to wear sneakers year round because Mary Jane style shoes were the only summer/dress type shoe I could keep on my foot. Then, one day, everyone loved the Mary Jane style so much that the “z strap” was invented. Oh happy day!

The latest trend to come around is spill proof glassware for adults. I gotta say, this one was a long time coming. I have spent many years asking for a straw for my beer, crushing red solo cups into unrecognizable shapes and listening friends joke that I might need a sippy cup. Now, there are plenty of fun and stylish cups that come with lids and straws for (almost spill proof) drinking. I have many of these items and I use them for both recreational drinking and plain old daily hydration. But my favorite is the Mason jar. Being from country, drinking out of a Mason jar is no big thing, my sister even uses them as wine glasses; but someone decided to take it to another level by leaving on the lid and adding a straw.

These glasses are super cute, great for kids and adults, and an adorable idea for barbeques and weddings. If you’re like me, you might be thinking, why would I spent money on another mason jar when I have so many at home already? Fear not, there are lots of online tutorials that will show you how you can convert your mason jars into one of these cute glasses.

So yes, most trends I let pass by without a second thought, but others I wait years for. Sometimes you’re just so cool you have to wait for everyone else to catch up.


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