An incredible semester (part 1)

Last summer the program director of the WCE (Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship) posted on Facebook telling my class that the program was looking to form two business plan teams and asking for volunteers. My first thought was to volunteer and be more active in the program. I figured by becoming more active it would force me to be out of my comfort zone and help me to gain more confidence. After debating with myself for a day or two I decided against it since I did not know much about it. As soon as summer ended and school started our teacher told us more about the business plan competition and informed us that they already put together the 2 teams for the competitions. The teams would write their own business plans and compete nationally presenting them to judges. Once the teams started to meet regularly I was approached by one of my friends in the class telling me that her team was interested in using Unlimiters as their business idea for the competitions.  She asked me if I could present my idea to the whole team. A few weeks later they decided to go with my business concept, Unlimiters; in turn I had to join the team. By joining the team I got four people helping me write the plan, a chance for all of us to get national recognition, and a chance to get funding for the business. Plus, on a personal level I now was forced out of my comfort zone giving me the opportunity to gain more confidence. Soon after joining the team we recruited 2 MBA students to help out with the plan and the concept. The majority of the semester was spent brainstorming and refining the Unlimiters concept. We didn’t actually start writing the till early this year, but since we talked about it so much writing the actual plan was pretty simple. Right as we started school back up we started rushing to complete everything and submit what we needed in order to compete in the competitions. As of now we are set to compete in 4 competitions nationally.  Currently we are focusing on our presentation and rehearsing it daily. This whole experience with the business plan team so far has been unbelievable for me.
    Part 2 coming soon…


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