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Campaign changing the image of the Gold Coast

Whether it was brawling bikies, spewing schoolies, or indecently dressed Indy girls. The Gold Coast has been unfairly forced to wear the reputation of being ‘trashy, tacky and full of trouble’.

And like any rough judgement, it a tag that has been hard to shake. Now, with the Indy cars gone, the bikies laying low, and the wild partying days of the schoolies all but subdued, a new, cultured, more refined Gold Coast is emerging, content if it is never referred to as glitter strip ever again.

Last month, Gold Coast Tourism kicked off a new tourism campaign that plays to all of the city strengths in a bid to jag a new type of tourist the area. Increasing international flights, including direct routes from China and the bump from next year Commonwealth Games is set to see the tourism economy pass $5 Billion by 2020. While families heading to theme parks and fun in the sun will still be bread and butter. The new campaign is selling the city as more sophisticated metropolis by the beach with all the luxuries of urban life, right on the doorstep of everything magnificent nature has to offer. In other words, end of year footy trips and buck weekends aren exactly welcome anymore.

Behind the push is the Chief Marketing Officer for Gold Coast Tourism Jan Hutton, who hopes the new strategy will educate people just how much the region has grown past it wild roots. known for some time, the traditional Gold Coast holiday is losing appeal for travellers who are seeking richer and more immersive experiences. The Gold Coast is hoping to shy away from it’s former wild image, with projects like the new $37.5 Million cultural precinct which will include open air spaces, art galleries and performance venues

The new marketing push invokes the natural beauty of the area that has long been ignored in favour of bright neon lights and cheap thrills. It also highlights the fact you have pristine beaches a stone throw away from prehistoric rain forests, combined with world class 5 star dining and tourist opportunities that were once only found in Sydney and Melbourne, but are now muscling out the fast food vendors and tattoo shops for beachfront real estate.

But despite the extra cheese, the are destination Gold Coast campaign accurately sums up what the area is transforming into. Every new development in the area now oozes class. Each new structure is placed in mind to complement each other in terms of sophistication, a far cry from the never ending monstrosities hoisted up all over town by the white shoe brigade in the 1980

Infrastructure spending has also been evident; roads and highways are being ripped up and widened, the airport is receiving an Instrument Landing System to allow planes access in poor weather that were once diverted to Brisbane or Sydney, and while still severely handicapped by the lack of a rail network, the stop gap measure of a light rail connection between Surfers Paradise and the heavy rail services to Brisbane at Helensvale is expected to be complete before the Commonwealth Games. All essential services for a city forecasted to have 1.2 Million residents by 2050.

The image shift of the Gold Coast is on display at Pacific Fair. Gone are bargain dollar stores, making way for the likes of Rolex, Bulgari, Tiffany and co, Louis Vuitton, Prada and a raft of other type of shops where the doors are locked until you buzzed in by a security guard

But perhaps the shining difference in the new campaign is the emphasis on locals. While the tired old for fun campaign highlighted the Gold Coast as a place to party with other carefree travellers in a land that was sold as by the Sea the new ad now sells the people who live on the Gold Coast as the ones making it great. Industry leaders, like Mantra Group CEO and Chair of Tourism and Events Queensland Bob East backs the campaign, saying he believes the Coast has never been tapped for its full potential. is a destination where people genuinely have exceptionally good lifestyles, and we are passionate about our backyard.

Jupiters, soon to be reimagined as The Star Gold Coast is the perfect example of the transformation of the entire region, to what it is now about to become

The new of the strip is undoubtedly Jupiters. At its peak in the eighties, by the 2000 it had become tired and shabby. It hit rock bottom as decaying example of the seedier side of the Gold Coast.

Fast forward seven years, and the mega hotel and resort, just like the Gold Coast itself has been recreated into something special. The resort is about to transform into its latest reincarnation becoming a fully fledged member of the Star Group, with rebranding to take place later this month.

The Star Entertainment Group bought the property just over 5 years ago, and are currently pumping more than a Billion dollars in Queensland as it bets big on the state, through their properties that also include the new Queen Street Wharf project in Brisbane.

At the soon to be defunct Jupiters, the gigantic transformation, which is well underway, is another step in the journey towards the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The centrepiece of the transformation will be the Gold Coast first six star hotel in more than 15 years, and will take its place at the front of the property.

Featuring spacious suites, signature bars and restaurants, private gaming rooms and butler service, the six star extravaganza will offer all new levels of luxury as part of cheap jerseys the driving push for more international appeal.

At the existing property, the 596 refurbished hotel rooms, are stylish, modern and have borrowed a touch of class from their cousin The Darling at The Star in Sydney, which just two weeks ago was named one of the most luxurious hotels in the world by Forbes.

While it poolside experience is at best, on par with other Gold Coast Resorts, where it sets itself apart from other Gold Coast establishments is the new dining options such Cucina vivo and Kiyomi. The latter, based on its sister Sokyo in Sydney can match the greatest fine dining experiences in the country, with dishes on par with those in Sydney and Melbourne, making it a foodie dining destination in a city that never had anything like it before.

Kiyomi Executive Chef, Chase Kojima. Once a plaudit unheard of on the Gold Coast. The restaurant has quickly establishing a reputation as one of the finest dining experiences in the country

The opening of both the new six and four star towers will increase the property overall accommodation to almost 1,400 rooms, and increase the workforce to around 2,300 employees once operational.

An investment on this scale isn taken lightly, and is an example of the entire Destination Gold Coast campaign. No company would take on such an enormous venture and commitment for a place that is exclusively a party town. It the kind of build and commitment made to a region that will soon rival any other as one of the country must visit premier tourist destinations.

Camp Creek flood project expensive to maintain but it is saving lives

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. The City of Colorado Springs has seen their flood project in Camp Creek go through hail, heavy rain and flash flooding.

The good news is the water has stayed within the banks of the creek protecting people, but maintaining the flood project will not be cheap.

City Stormwater Engineer Tim Mitros said after the sediment and debris came down from last September’s floods, Camp Creek became a top priority for the city.

A year later after the floods, Mother Nature put the flood project to the test. This time there is a pond to stop a majority of the debris, and a steady stream going through the Colorado Springs neighborhood near the creek.

“It’s an excellent project,” Mitros said.

But a lingering problem was left behind debris.

“It’s going to be on going maintenance project for a long time,” Mitros said.

He said if the sediment pond is full, about $100,000 will have to be spent to clean the pond, which will come from the city’s general fund.

Gary Rombeck lives in the neighborhood near Camp Creek. He cheap jerseys said he took a look at the flood project saving his life, along with other people down stream; he said you can’t put a price on safety.

Vicie Haywood

PARIS (AP) ” France has the capacity to stage the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games, according to French Rugby Federation president Bernard Laporte.”An international event, rugby or otherwise, is a chance for France to shine on the international stage,” Laporte said on Thursday at a France 2023 news conference, adding that France’s rugby bid will not clash with the Paris Olympic bid.”It’s an additional value for us. You can see that with Brazil ” they had the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics (in Rio),” Laporte jerseys “Japan will have the (Rugby) World Cup in 2019 and the Olympics straight after in Tokyo (2020).”Ireland is looking to host the tournament for the first time, while South Africa hosted and won the 1995 edition.France reached the semifinals as host in 2007, when Laporte was coach.In late September, the Italian Rugby Federation withdrew its host bid in keeping with its withdrawal of Rome’s 2024 bid.Laporte points to France’s experience of landing major events as a plus point.”We won the (right to host) the 2018 Ryder Cup and Euro 2016,” said Laporte, one of France’s most successful coaches.

Vicie Haywood, Wolford’s mother whose husband died 29 years ago from a rattlesnake bite during a worship service is heartbroken. But she has no doubts about the righteousness of serpent handling. “It’s still the Word, and I want to go on doing what the Word says,” she told the Washington Post on Wednesday..

It turned out to be an incredibly trying day for him, even though, as expected, Peyton set the NFL record for career passing yards. He came into the game needing only three yards to surpass Brett Favre for that mark. Otherwise, it was a miserable day for the league’s only five time most valuable player.

Teams are allowed to sell to any company providing it doesn’t promote gambling, alcohol or politics.
The NBA has given protected status meaning the companies’ competitors can’t advertise on a team jersey to a number of its national partners: media partners (ESPN, ABC, Turner), apparel partner (Nike starting in 2017 18) and on court partners Tissot (the official timekeeper) and Spalding (the official ball). No other league partners enjoy protected status..

Then there is the case of the No. 44 worn by Dana Hills boys’ basketball Coach Bryan McSweeney, who was a standout player at the school in the mid 1980s. As the story goes, sometime after the jersey was retired, it ended up in a trophy case that became hidden behind various pieces of furniture.

The pairing of such

properties is based on property and section size. The process though takes no account of the condition of the property,cheap jerseys the quality of improvements to the property aside from any general lodged building consents.2. It is assessed on an infrequent basis (3yrs) and therefore is almost always out of date.

Scrambling, according to one dictionary, is “an ambiguous term somewhere between hill walking and rock climbing.” It is a necessary part of hiking and backpacking in the mountains unless you are content to stick to the trails and always be looking up at the peaks. I’m not. I like to be looking down at everything from time to time.

Monica Seles, a Hungarian American, is a professional tennis player who won 9 Grand Slam singles titles, playing for Yugoslavia and United States. She learned tennis, from her father, Karoly Seles, at the age of 6 and won her first tournament at the age of 9. She went professional at the age of 14, in the year 1988.

In airplane mode, it turns off everything. Travelers use it to dodge roaming charges when abroad and they want to use their phone as a camera instead. Unfortunately, while you are not using data, you are also not able to receive calls or text messages.

Hernandez was arrested June 26 and charged with murder. Prosecutors said he had a falling out with his friend Odin Lloyd at a nightclub last month and planned his execution style killing in the following days. Surveillance cameras captured their car at an industrial park near Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough, Massachusetts..

C is for caravan. Created in 1930 for sponsors to advertise their wares, the publicity caravan also lets spectators know the riders are on their way. It is now an integral part of the race, taking 45 minutes to pass through each village and town en route.

Insert the screwdriver or the plastic end of the key into the arc adjustment hole and turn it clockwise to increase the arc width once again, a full turn adds 90 degrees. After finishing the adjustment and screwing the head onto the riser, make the distance adjustment by turning the screw on the front of the nozzle just over the aperture. Turn it clockwise to decrease spray distance and counterclockwise to increase it..

Others in Christie’s office were also hearing rumors of Kelly’s involvement. This was early December, before Christie’s out with it pitch to his staff. (It also would have been about the time Christie was openly mocking the idea of any involvement.) But Kelly and Stepian were denying they’d played any role to interrogators acting on Christie’s behalf for some reason Christie, a former prosecutor, didn’t ask them himself and the governor believed these denials..

Ideally, you should check

the transmission fluid in the vehicle at least once in a month. Other than the level,cheap jerseys you should also monitor its color and odor. Bad transmission fluid turns black or brown in color, and gives out a burnt odor. For starters, Business models get powered and sliding side doors that are a real boon when you’ve got your hands full with a temperamental toddler. All rear seats have Isofix mounting points, too, while the third row can comfortably accommodate three child seats with room to spare.New Volkswagen Transporter revealedOccupants in the rear get bags of space, plus the huge side windows give a panoramic view. And while you’ll have to pay extra for opening glass in the rear doors, the combination of three zone climate control, tinted rear windows and neat roller blinds helps keep the cabin cool.Yet for me, it was the Caravelle driving experience that really impressed.

“If the head is the principle point of contact, you’re going to hear about it, get a fine or a suspension,” Johnson said as he prepared for a new season and a new focus on avoiding concussions. “I think it’s starting to get ingrained in people’s minds now. With all these suspensions handed out and guys losing money over it, guys aren’t going to do those plays anymore.

I believe the Lions will go for it bigtime on Saturday and try to restore some credibility to their reputation, with a narrow win to the All Blacks. I was lucky enough to see the 1971 Lions side. Please, please, send us something like that again in 12 years time.

I always use a credit card to make purchases online because I have the added protection of the credit card company. Credit cards are the absolute safest way to purchase because you have the legal right to dispute transactions made on your card. Along with my bank, the credit card companies will usually just return your money to you and go after the store or person who made the fraudulent sale.

The seats in the end zones carry ads for Coke and pictures of more giant soccer balls. NFL is Reebok country.)Azteca is the only stadium in the world to have hosted two World Cup finals. The audience saw Pele’s swan song during the Brazil championship in 1970 and Maradona’s staggering performances for the Argentine victors 16 years later.

At 30 for a 1.6kg bird, it may seem a form of nourishment restricted to plutocrats. I could say the price is an affordable luxury when compared to the cost of a restaurant meal. A better reason is that it was, by some distance, the best chicken I’ve ever had.

“This has been our mantra

since we all came together: Next man up. We talk about it every year,” Thompson jerseys “We hope Kevin gets well, takes care of his body, because you know we’re going to need him for the long haul. Agencies make use of a favorable luck within the advancement of their goods. The conventional desired selection will be appropriation of giveaways, identifications, books and so forth inside an programs or in stores. Even so a substantial portion of the periods they are uncovered inside the dustbin or simply lying down on to the ground following your event ends.

In these summery days my own life, at least frontally, is simplicity’s model. I live happily if slightly bemusedly in a forty four year old bachelor’s way in my former wife’s house at 116 Cleveland, in the “Presidents Streets” section of Haddam, New Jersey, where I’m employed as a Realtor Associate by the Lauren Schwindell firm on Seminary Street. I should say, perhaps, the house formerly owned by formerly my wife, Ann Dykstra, now Mrs.

The other critical time frame is right after a man or woman have recently been sitting down. Very long automobile drives or airline trips are particularly challenging. In this case, the perpetrator is one thing called “creep.” The following means that your ligaments and muscles expand into the situation that a person have been recently in.

DCC VII weekend will commence with the Kickoff Party on Friday, Feb. 10, followed by the DCC signature event on Saturday Feb. 11 that will include five bike routes through South Florida, a run/walk 5K, a finish line celebration concert as well as the addition of a Dolphins Youth Ride and a Youth 5K for kids ages 14 17 extending the opportunity for cancer fighters to be of all ages and all capabilities..

She could save all the money she needed, she realized. To friends and family she could still be Mechele. But in this new job, she’d be “Bobbi Jo.”. Because many towns in the country are small, data can be unreliable. For this reason, all data used are five year estimates for the period 2009 2013. Still, data can be subject to sampling issues.

After an NFL game, it is sometimes customary for a player to swap jerseys with someone on the opposing team. In Week 1, Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen swapped with Lions tight end Eric Ebron, a fellow North Carolina native. Gordon swapped with Lions running back Ameer Abdullah, friends since late high school..

My perfectly speaking and developing child got a flu shot at 2 and has never been the same since that day. The change happened within 2 hours after. I called the doctor and told him my child just became Autistic. The Chapter 7 filing last week in Los Angeles had been expected since the company closed its Santa Monica office last month and dismissed its more than 100 employees. A few days before DEN ran out of cash and closed its doors, Los Angeles based Load Media Network laid off 42 of its 97 employees so that the company could concentrate on its Loadtv software. Loadtv lets PCs download high quality video in the background while PC users are surfing the Web.3 Former DEN Workers File Suit.

I viewed myself as

God basically and she was my slave. The May 2015 incident, Molly said that Josh had threatened to kill her or five jerseys After the allegations from the 2015 incident became public, many people were surprised that Brown only received a one game suspension.

The Venezia was, for Sir Dominic Asquith anyway, one of those cherished human reminders of what a world without the need for bodyguards was like, even though he was required to travel in a fully armored and fully armed cocoon of security. Her Majesty’s special representative to the newly transitional democratic Libya, Asquith was a veteran Arab hand at the Foreign Office who, despite service in such pressure cooker posts as Syria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and now Libya, sported a youthful appearance that never betrayed his fifty five years. As the great grandson of a British prime minister, the ambassador was of noble stock and was considered a most capable diplomat who understood the complexities and realities of the Arab world and still reveled in its charm and wonder despite its bullet strewn landscape.

The capacity fading of the Na SO2 cell shown in Fig. 1c is mainly attributed to residual insulating discharge products that passivate carbon surface and/or block the pore entrance in the electrode, thereby reducing reaction site and increasing the impedance of the carbon cathode. We observed that NaCl did not disappear completely in the carbon cathode during repeated cycling, so that the accumulated discharge products increased the impedance of the cathode (Supplementary Figure S3 and S4).

Although most of us take the power grid for granted, it’s anything but simple. There are 450,000 miles (724,205 kilometers) of high voltage power lines and 160,000 miles (257,500 kilometers) of overhead transmission lines in the United States connecting electrical power plants to homes and businesses [source: DOE]. Since large amounts of energy cannot be stored, electricity must be produced as it is used [source: EIA].

Our results indicated that TDCIPP exposure significantly up regulated the expression of genes involved in endoplasmic reticulum stress and Toll like receptor (TLR) pathway, implying an inflammatory response, which was supported by up regulation of inflammation related biomaker genes. www.elitecheapnfljerseysauthentic.comHepatic inflammation was further confirmed by histological observation of increase of infiltrated neutrophils and direct observation of liver recruitment of neutrophils labeled with Ds Red fluorescent protein of Tg(lysC:DsRed) zebrafish upon TDCIPP exposure. To further characterize the hepatotoxicity of TDCIPP, the expression of hepatotoxicity biomarker genes, liver histopathology and morphology were examined.

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