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Decorating- Simplified!

In our family, October marks the beginning of the outdoor decorating season. I have to admit that I have a weakness for those wind-blown inflatable sculptures that reside on the top shelves of all the home improvement and warehouse stores this time of year. From pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween through the white rabbit holding a basket of eggs for Easter, something is always inflated in my yard during the cold months.

I justify my affinity for the blow-up figures through my son. He thoroughly enjoys watching them blow up each morning, and smiles when we spot them from our road. Although he is easy to blame, the truth is I had a size-able collection of the yard decorations before he was born. What can I say, they make me happy!

Not only do I smile when I see the large and jovial decorations, but they are surprisingly easy to set up. Compared to his peers, my husband has it easy when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  We have perfecting staking and placing the inflatables, finishing the task in record time.  Because our yard I strewn with a seemingly endless rotation of festive figures, we don’t bother hanging outdoor lights or other, more traditional, decorations.

Our only complaint with the inflatable decorations involved the cumbersome power requirements.  For some reason, the original builders of our house failed to install any external power outlets. (Obviously a woman was not consulted before this decision was made!) Because of this flaw, all of our outdoor decorations must be plugged into an outlet inside our garage.

Needless to say, walking downstairs, running across the driveway (in the cold night air) to turn off the decorations each night became a huge inconvenience. Timers were cumbersome, difficult to program and (for whatever reason) often blew the circuit. After a few years of performing the midnight dash to turn off the decorations, we discovered a perfect solution.

We now plug the extension cord into a remote controlled power switch. From the comfort of our home, I can turn the decorations both on and off with the click of a simple button on the wireless remote.  We have been using the remote controlled power switch for several years and it has yet to trip our fuse box. To be honest, the only issue we have ever encountered has been our son “misplacing” the remote.

I find it fascinating how a small thing, such as the ability to control lights with a remote control, can have such a profound impact. Because we no longer have to run in the cold, dark night to turn them off, we are both more apt to embrace holiday decorating. I love that we have found a simple solution to an issue which had become a source of frustration. It may sound odd, but the remote controlled power switch has helped our entire family become UNlimiters!

My Friend Sandy Swears By This …

I’ve asked my senior friends to let me know if they can recommend any items that make life easier for us as we grow older. Recently I received a letter from one of them who wrote: “There is one item that I just love. It’s my sticky back roll of industrial strength VELCRO tape.”


She goes on to say that even though it’s a small item it’s a “must have” for her because she comes up with new uses for it all the time. Here, in her words, are her four favorites:

* You’ve seen the lovely scatter rug that I brought back from my trip to Arizona. It would break my heart to get rid of it although my daughter wanted me to do just that. She was worried about slippage on the wood floor until I put Velcro on the back of the rug in all four corners and on the floor and then showed her how firmly it adhered. (It was actually my very first use of the tape.)

* I was always looking for the TV remote so I attached a small piece of tape to the back of it and another piece to the side of the TV. I hang the remote there when it’s not in use. It’s unobtrusive and I always know where it is.

* Remember when you almost landed on the floor when the cushion on my kitchen chair slid out from under you? It won‘t happen now, I promise. I’ve placed strips of Velcro on the chairs and on the cushions and now they’re secure. I’ve done the same to the chairs on my deck.

* I had saved a set of 4 pint size glass jars (originally filled with fancy jams & jellies). They have screw tops and were the perfect size for this fun project. I adhered a 12” strip of Velcro under a shelf in my pantry. Then I applied Velcro to the top of the jars. I then labeled the jars and filled them with herbs that I‘d dried myself. I love opening the pantry door to show them off. They look lovely and keep the herbs fresh.

So there you have her 4 favorite uses of the Velcro tape. Thanks, Sandy.  Her choice for these was the Industrial Strength sticky back tape but Velcro comes in many shapes and strengths. Any hardware store is sure to have a Velcro display where you can choose the one that is most suitable for your task.

Any ideas using Velcro? I’d love to hear about them.

Knee Cart

Somewhere deep in the dark abyss also known as my basement I have a collection of medical equipment piled in the corner. From bandages to crutches, wheelchairs to portable grab bars, I have certainly acquired a lot of assistive devices over the years. Although I haven’t had to use much of the equipment for years, I hesitate to part with anything. I know all too well that my mobility needs can change quickly. When and if that happens, it is comforting to know that all we have to do is move the boxes out of the way and dust it off.

I have saved one special item from the basement, opting instead to keep it in a location which is easier to reach should the need arise. My knee cart (commonly referred to as a knee scooter) has come to my rescue more times than I care to acknowledge. During times when I cannot wear my prosthesis because of injury, or even when I am simply too lazy to don it (like in the middle of the night) I can hop on my cart and get around safely and efficiently.

I suppose I could use crutches, but I am not nearly as swift. Besides, my son’s army men and Legos have become a minefield of plastic obstacles on my floor. Ever crutch step on a Lego in the middle of the night? Trust me, it isn’t pleasant!

Although it can look intimidating, the cart is brilliant in its simplicity. I simply place my knee (on my amputated side) on the padded cushion and push with my sound side foot. It is as simple to maneuver as a child’s scooter. As a matter of fact, my little boy often tools around the house on it for fun.

I highly recommend the cart to all below knee amputees, or individuals who have a foot and/or ankle problem. My mother-in-law had bunion surgery last year. She is a slight woman (probably weighs 100 pounds if she is carrying a basket of wet towels) and did not have the strength to utilize crutches. Upon my recommendation she rented a cart from her local medical supply company for two weeks.

Despite compromised strength, she was able to maneuver around her home and her community on the cart. She wasn’t limited by her inability to walk because she was able to push herself around. Maintaining her independence during her recovery helped not only physically but also psychologically. The cart helped her so much that she ended up extending the rental for 2 months. By the time she paid the fees she could have purchased it and saved money.

From below-knee amputees to the elderly recovering from foot surgery, the knee cart has proven an invaluable tool in our family. While I hate being without my prosthesis, I know that I’ll be able to get around without compromising my safety or health. With the help of my knee cart, I continue to be an UNlimiter, even when I can’t utilize my prosthesis.


“Survival Guilt” affects all ages. It is the type of remorse felt by people who manage to survive while their friends or loved ones do not. The events that take their lives do not have to be traumatic. They can be the result of a long illness or even old age. The common denominator, however, is that the survivor feels a tremendous guilt at being able to get on with his or her life.

We seniors are especially prone to experiencing survival guilt. So many of our friends and family members have passed away and we are often the only one left. Many of us have spent years tending to a loved one and the relief that we feel when they finally die is overshadowed by guilt.

With the help of a dear friend (who luckily for me happened to be a grief counselor) I was able to face the loss when my husband died and to experience all the emotions but not have them overwhelm me. After a few months she convinced me that it was crucial to get “out of myself” and, literally, get out of my house. I decided to look for volunteer work where I could make a difference.

Now I put in two days a week at our Free Care Clinic and I’ve found work that I enjoy and a whole new set of friends. One of the nurses and I found out that we had very similar political views and a fondness for the same type of books. We have become fast friends and she even sent me a “Mother’s Day” card with a note that said she thinks of me as the mother that she never had.

So, if you are experiencing survival guilt be kind to yourself. Chances are that is what your loved one would want for you. Get up and get moving and just remember that the longest journey starts with the first step.

Cold Hand Relief

I have been an amputee for 10 years. Living without a limb, even when a prosthesis is utilized, changes the natural stresses that occur within the body. The fact that I was on crutches for the five years preceding my amputation have only compounded those issues. 

I am happily married, but I am not wearing my wedding bands.  Although this may seem strange to some, my husband has never questioned me. My placing the cherished rings into my jewelry box was a decision made out of necessity, not choice. Relying upon crutches for five years has wreaked havoc on my hands.
During the Spring and Summer months I can proudly don my rings. As soon as the weather begins to chill, my fingers begin to swell. The nagging arthritis sets in, and I have to remove the jewelry because it becomes too painful to wear. 
My fingers become so cold that I am often relegated to wearing gloves inside the house. I have become skilled at chopping, dicing and cooking while wearing gloves! Even when covered with polar fleece, my hands remain uncomfortably chilly.
Thankfully I have discovered a stopgap treatment for my cold hands. Dipping them into my paraffin wax spa, I immediately feel the tingling relief that comes from them warming up. If I could bottle this sensation I would surely be a millionaire!
The wax warms up my hands and provides relief that often lasts for up to 90 minutes. Thankfully the wax is reusable, and “over dipping” is not a worry. When my hands become cold again, I often return to the paraffin spa. During extremely cold spells, I dip up to 6 times a day. (I have to admit that these treatments leave me with the softest hands on the block!)
I wish I had a more permanent solution to treat my cold hands, but the paraffin spa works wonders for me. I appreciate that I don’t have to ingest anything in order to feel relief. I realize that the effects are only temporary, but finding short term relief has been a godsend.  

Staying Safely Independent …

I can only speak for myself but I’ll bet there are many of you out there that agree with me when I say that I want to remain in my home for as long as I am physically able to do so. I also realize that things do change as I age so I’m trying to be sensible about this also. I want my children to see that, despite my wish to remain independent, I can be sensible too!

Here are a few of the changes that I’ve made to simplify my life and to make my home a safer place…

Big Button telephone


This type of phone may be passé for the younger set who rely almost solely on cell phones but I love it. I don’t need to put on my glasses in order to dial and, since I often misplace my glasses, that’s a big plus.

Moving my bedroom: I find that having my basic living quarters all on the first floor is so convenient. I don’t have to climb the stairs with my arms loaded with clothes to be stored in the closet or bed linens to be changed. An added advantage is that by moving my bedroom down it means that my guests will be provided with a more private area on the 2nd floor.

Good lighting: I talked about this in a recent entry but I want to also stress here the importance of being very careful where the cords are placed. I had a dear friend who broke a hip just by catching her foot in a cord that had been carelessly extended between her chair and the wall.

Getting rid of all scatter rugs ! I’ve had my share of falls due to these, both by slipping on a slick floor or stumbling over them. I also had fun about 3 years ago and painted a kitchen “rug”. It’s kept up very well and I never have to worry about slippage here:


Solar lights on my deck my son-in-law provided these and they are a God-send. The solar panels gather and store sunlight and then light up the stairs at night. The light lasts at least 8 hours and is an inexpensive, but effective, way to ensure that I will have a safe way to climb the stairs at night.

These are just a few of the ways that I’ve made my home a safer place. I’d love to have you share your ways with us.


very wary

I was very, very wary, but my fears immediately disappeared after my first use. The wide razor head has five blades and is surrounded by a moisturizing lotion bar to minimize skin irritation. It performed just like a name brand, and perhaps even better than the razors I’m used to.

Provo River Parkway, a popular Provo trail, stretches from Provo Canyon down to Utah Lake with the friendly bubbling river as your riding companion the whole ride. Learn more about upcoming Provo bike events like the Mayor’s Ride to Work Day at Bike Provo’s website here. We also strongly recommend that you license your bike with the City (for a one time fee of $1).

But even budget airlines cannot rest on their laurels. Morris argues that low cost carriers must concentrate on providing a range of services, products, and flexibility. “It is not enough to say ‘that is the price, take it or leave it’ because it appears that some customers will leave it.”.

This happens far too often: in 2010, 10,288 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in this country. That equates, on average, to a person being killed by a drunk driver every 51 minutes. Drunk driving accounts for 1 in 3 deaths on American roadways each year.

It’s always great working with directors who really feel music is an important element in a film, rather than just a space to fill. I was also working with the great editor Tony C. Kearns on the film, he brought a lot to the table in terms of music feedback.

Get test resources lined up at the start. When the Tru 64 UNIX security experts decided they needed a new system for log in, they knew they were calling into question a lot of old, stable code that would need to be retested. And they knew they had no resources to deal with that testing.

New applications the team have in mind include ultrasound imaging, for use in hospitals and other medical facilities in the future. The known high strength and flexibility of graphene would allow intimate surface contact leading to much better imaging. Moreover, the fact that the acoustic devices the Exeter team have devised are simple and cheap make such concepts as intelligent bandages that monitor and treat patients directly a real possibility..

Lew Jarratt had been a keen club cyclist in Onslow, Western Australia, during his teen years in the early 1930s, but he had no experience of retail. He believed in the cash economy and Wholesale MLB Jerseys would not buy stock on credit, so to fill out his meagre showroom of cycles, he strategically placed pot plants and bundles of other produce from his home garden. Healing, which had begun importing English bikes in 1898 and produced locally from about 1912, reaching a peak of 25,000 bikes a year.

Like its dinner choices

Like its dinner choices, Laudisio’s desserts range from classic to contemporary, and I highly recommend the three dessert sampler ($10), when dining with others. Too many restaurants serve excessive portions of desserts with inflated prices, and I appreciate the option to partake in a sweet taste without consuming half again the meals calories. However, for purists looking for one choice, I recommend the Tahitian vanilla bean crme brulee ($8), a light and airy custard spiced with blackberries and caramelized..

Sunday night is the perfect chance to try out a fun recipe, and the added upside is that you just made yourself dinner for the next few nights. There are plenty of free resources online that will be useful. You can also take a class and make a more serious investment into your skillset.

A similar strategy occurred in 2008, when crude prices imploded from $146 a barrel in July to $37 by Christmastime. As prices collapsed, traders continued buying crude rather than selling it, and then they warehoused the excess and waited for prices to return. They were as right as a button; before the 2009 year had closed, crude prices were $85 to $90 a barrel, and traders had nearly doubled their money.

The best cheap mountain bikes balance durability and weight with a low price. A full suspension bike features a few inches of travel along pneumatic or spring loaded shock absorbers at the front fork and beneath the seat. Depending on the type of terrain you expect to face, you can likely forgo one or both shocks without sacrificing your ability to control the bike.

Offered by Super Charged Science. This kit includes about half of the material you’ll need to construct an underwater robot for $69. The additional materials are estimated at around $80 by the website. Walmart is also offering winter tire deals on Black Friday and their ad says you can save up to $127 per tire. The Walmart Black Friday sale starts at 8am on Friday, November 29. While finding the right size and brand of tires you want during a Black Friday sale might sound difficult, you won’t have to worry about that at Walmart this year because they are offering a Weekend Tire in Stock guarantee on Good Year tires..

We can change this. The mayor has the power to intervene directly in housing, to use bus Discount MLB Jerseys franchising powers to improve our buses, to bring Network Rail and Highways England to the table and to tackle the skills deficit. As mayor I will put tackling poverty and inequality in all the communities across Cambridgeshire Peterborough at the heart of every decision made.

The car has just been at

Additional Work: The car has just been at a local Bosch Garage to have a four wheel laser alignment and steering geometry check in order to make it spot on I had the front track rods and track rod ends replaced at the same time. (At a cost of over 350). A full vehicle check was also conducted by the technicians (Stated on invoice)..

Indian Pharma sector has made rapid strides in both global and domestic market. But the growth pangs were severe for domestic players eyeing greater share of global pie. The slow down in generic approvals by USFDA, the payment problems witnessed in a few developing markets since the quarter ended December 2008 and accelerated genericisation and intense compe.

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Through our listed stockists only (see Milton Wordley’s website), we’re chopping $185 from the price until December 17. Order through your independent liquor store (Melbourne Street, East End and Edinburgh for starters), or visit the Penfolds tasting rooms at Magill or Nuriootpa, and it’ll be yours for $600. Which is less than a bottle of Grange (the usual price), and about $167,400 cheaper than the amazing Penfolds Ampoule, which, fortunately for all those tempted, has sold out..

The Unions themselves are partially to blame by not looking at your Big Picture and seeing that changes needed to be made to remain competitive. Do I support a race to the bottom? No, not at all, but if some concessions were made, things might not be so grim today.Blaming Harper for all of this is a bit of a cop out, plain and simple.turned a blind eye while manufacturing in Ontario???Harper Conservatives gave TAX CUTS to ALL Canadians. But the insane Lieberal Govt in Ontario raised TAXES.

Make catnip cat toys

KITTEN MITTEN: Make catnip cat toys. Use baby mittens, booties and baby socks that can be found at thrift stores and garage sales. Add catnip to them and sew the opening closed. “Here at Latitude 39, we have a great dine in movie theater, a bowling alley, a massive arcade, and a bar. Every Monday, kids eat and play for free with the purchase of one adult entre. The kids get a game card, bowling and they get to eat, so you really can beat that deal for a family,” said Sarah Baird of Latitude 39..

The heart of the bike is Cannondale’s CAADX frame, a stout set of 6061 aluminum tubes that’s been tweaked and tucked over its multi decade existence more than a supermodel of similar vintage. This one in particular uses a BB30 bottom bracket, a straight 1 1/8 inch fork steerer, and conventional quick release wheels. I found the CAADX to be a remarkably comfortable ride, which I attribute less to things like the SAVE chainstays, which supposedly increase vertical compliance, and Wholesale NHL Jerseys more to Cannondale’s overall skill and unparalleled experience working with aluminum..

In an interview with Parade magazine, the Texas governor declared Obama’s place of birth a “distractive” issue even as he happily latched on to the opportunity to distract. “Well, I don’t have a definitive answer (about whether Obama was born in the United States), because he’s never seen my birth certificate,” Perry said. It was classic Perry: a trademark combination of logical incoherence and smarmy cheap shot.

“There were some that were paranoid and upset about the loss of privacy,” he says. Today, “we don’t even think about American Express or Visa knowing what we are buying. There will be concern, but it will dissipate, unless it is abused.”.?I?m very sorry. I learned my lesson,? added Mort, a Friedens resident who was a firefighter at the time of the incident. Mort must pay court costs and a supervisory fee.

Dealers get external firms to install seating in new cars such as the Renault Kangoo, Toyota RAV4 and Skoda Octavia. Importers also alter their lineups to fit the tax code. GM imports the Chevrolet Captiva which has an official seven seat option and not the five seat Opel Antara, said GM’s Goranchev..

Orlando vacationers both young and old have a plethora of choices among theme parks, water sports, museums, shopping and just about every other activity under the sunny Floridian skies. However, Florida isn always bright skies. When it rains, it pours! But don let wet weather spoil your good time Orlando boasts plenty of options for indoor fun and entertainment with the kids.

Just who is this new consumer

Just who is this new consumer that retailers and restaurants are so eager to please? Maybe it’s you. You’re an anti snob with a lust for life and a desire to save both time and money when you shop. You may be intelligent and educated, health and budget conscious, and thirsty for knowledge about new varietals and grape growing regions, what to look for in judging a wine, and how to pair wines with food.

Best practice would be to throw an extra strap or two on, he says. Never given anyone a ticket for overdoing it. Boomer says most inspectors have indicated they won fine a driver for using a non compliant strap, as long as they used requisite number of legal straps to secure the load..

By tea, Australia’s GOAT had gutted India’s middle order and sent back their big three. The first of his wickets was a major turning point. He had a set Pujara caught at short leg off what became the very last ball before lunch and a 61 run second wicket partnership was broken..

The SE looks like the older iPhone 5s but performs more like the iPhone 6s, offering Touch ID, Apple Pay, and the Siri voice assistant. It has very good battery life, with nine hours of talk time in Consumer Reports tests. One of the biggest things you giving up with the SE is a larger screen..

The new one is an extraordinary high performance bargain with the 5.0 litre V8 version just 33,000.Half of Ford’s pre orders are for that version, says the company, with the other half taking the 2.3 litre EcoBoost turbo model. The entry level 2.3 shouldn’t be overlooked though, as its 310bhp packs a bigger punch than many of the old V8s fitted in previous Mustangs. Despite generous standard kit and the eye catching muscle car Discount hockey Jerseys styling, the interior is let down by some sub par plastics, and dynamically it’s nowhere near the BMW 4 Series..

My first blog post was just three weeks ago. In that time, I have 22 new followers on Twitter, 1,074 blog views, an interview request and numerous retweets and shares. Most of these numbers represent people I have never met before. According to theNew York Post, the Secret Service and NYPD are looking to set up a two story command post in the Trump building, for about 250 total agents and police officers. They are reportedly negotiating for space that is currently vacant among the floors designated for commercial tenants. Only the higher floors are for residential spaces, so the officers wouldn’t be mixed in with people who live in the building.

The value of goods purchased by South Koreans directly from websites overseas surged six times from 2009 to $1.04 billion in 2013. During the first 10 months of 2014, South Koreans exceeded the 2013 figure with purchases of $1.23 billion, according to South Korea’s customs office. Websites are the most popular among South Korean online shoppers, followed by China, Germany and Hong Kong.

Independent research analyst John Tumazos said

These testing organizations ensure that supplements meet strict standards of quality by examining and testing different aspects of a particular supplement. It important to know that the Food and Drug Administration has no involvement in the regulation of dietary supplements.

The whole idea of Minks to Sinks is recycling. A family may be done with children toys, but those toys may be perfect for another young family. He was born Jan. 20, 1924 in Addison Township. The per capita income is $16,000, and there are plenty of restaurant businesses and manufacturing industries here, that contribute to employment, with the Unified School District being the biggest employer. Pier.

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But that windfall has completely bypassed Williamsburg County, population 33,067, according to a report in The Kingstree News.During next week’s event, Boeing officials will visit public and private schools and spend time with local leaders and Williamsburg County’s economic development group.”This is part of what Boeing has wanted and we’ve been encouraging in the General Assembly for Boeing to really show how it is a part of all our communities,” state Sen. Ronnie Sabb, D Williamsburg, told the newspaper.

Tried to be as transparent as possible so no one is surprised by this debate and everyone has enough information to bring actual solutions to the table, Taylor said. More than happy to be part of any more (public) hearings or discussions on this. Agency Chairman Inez Tenenbaum went so far as to advise parents to get rid of all cheap metal trinkets. Within weeks, the CPSC announced its first ever recall of jewelry due to cadmium, this one involving Disney branded items sold at Walmart.

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