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Much More Than a Loyal Friend …

This little guy is about 4 inches tall and he’s made of rubber.  He sat on my husbands desk for years and I remember how Dick would squeeze the dickens out of him to exercise his hands.

When Dick passed away in 1990 I put the little guy on my desk and he’s remained there ever since.  I’ve loved having him near me because he’s a sweet reminder of many happy times but I’ve rarely put him to use as Dick did.

Well, times have changed.  You may remember my entry a few weeks ago when I mentioned how weak my 80 year old hands have become. That has been true for quite a long time but just over the past year I have developed painful arthritis in both hands also.  I’ve decided to try the squeezing exercises and I really seem to be making progress.

My little pal does not seem overjoyed to be, once again, the recipient of all that squeezing but he puts up with me!

I seem to remember that he was a giveaway from a medical firm back in the ‘80s so it would be hard to replicate him exactly but there are many types of exercise squeeze balls available.

Here‘s what I do 3 times a day.  I squeeze him as hard as I can for at least 5 seconds.  Then I relax for a second or two.  I repeat this process nine more times.  I then switch to my other hand and do the same 10 repetitions there.

I can’t say that it helps the looks of my arthritic hands but it does help to keep the pain at bay and for that I am grateful.  I hope it will do the same for you.

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Blog entry by Ginnie, proud member of the UNlimiters team.

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