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Let there be light …

The first time I realized that my Mother was having trouble with her eye sight was when she visited us in New York City in 1962. We wanted to treat her to dinner out and her one request was that we not go to “one of those dark, fancy places with candles on the tables”. She went on to explain that she had trouble reading the menus and it also made her nervous maneuvering between tables in a dark restaurant.

She was 70 at that time and I remember thinking it was an impossibly old age. Now I am 10 years OLDER than that and I assure myself daily that it’s “not so old”!

But, back to Mother’s visit. We took her to the famous Brass Rail Restaurant. It offered good home-style food, great desserts and an open and well-lit dining room. She was very pleased and went on to explain to us that good lighting had become a necessity for her.

I thought back to that time recently and realized that the same thing has happened to me. I love reading in bed but I found myself constantly moving the small bedside lamp closer in order to see the pages. I finally decided to do something about it and I purchased my goose-neck floor lamp, one of the best buys of my life.

The chrome finish of the lamp is unobtrusive and, although I have nothing else in my house that matches the style, it fits right in. I can maneuver the flexible Gooseneck to adjust the light where I need it most or I can fold it down when I want to subdue the light.

Inadequate lighting can be the cause of many accidents for seniors. That seems like a no-brainer but I was so used to my surroundings that I didn’t realize that most of my rooms were lacking in good light until I compared them with the bright light of the gooseneck floor lamp. Happily I’ve updated all my light sources now and hope you have done the same.

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