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This Won’t Last Forever…

Between the sleep deprivation and constantly being covered with baby formula (the little one has severe reflux), adapting to being a Mom of two has been difficult. Throw my recent leg surgery into the stress mix and I feel like I have been operating in crisis mode, living moment to moment without an opportunity to enjoy or look ahead. “This won’t last forever” has become my mantra as I try to maintain some of my sanity.

Needless to say, time alone has become a distant memory. I haven’t been home without a child, or in the car by myself, since April. I love my children, I really do. However, sometimes Mom needs a break!

I find myself seeking refuge in what has become luxury: taking a shower. I am traditionally more of a bath person, however the recent surgery has made that impossible. Until the stitches completely heal, I have to avoid soaking. Undeterred, I have learned to fully embrace the relaxation benefits of a long and hot shower.

In the shower, I don’t have anybody asking for anything. (Well, sometimes they knock on the door but I can easy drown that out!) showerheadThe time alone has become precious and I try to make the most of
the (albeit shot) opportunity to relax. During these moments alone, I have come to love my Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower Head.


We installed this shower head when we moved into this house in an effort to make the bathroom more accessible. A handheld shower sprayer is invaluable when trying to clean my residual limb, and simply makes it easier for me when I am sitting in my shower chair.  I use it on a regular basis, but have only really appreciated it recently.


Before the baby was born I always kept the shower on the general spray setting, which provides both a strong flow and wide coverage. During the past few weeks I have begun to utilize the massage feature on a more consistent basis. Wow, having the water beat on my shoulders and lower back has been an absolute godsend. Between carrying the baby and using crutches, my neck, shoulders, and lower back have been getting a workout! A few minutes of the water massage and the knots on my back begin to loosen up.


Lacking the time and means to go for a massage, I am embracing the next best thing. I get to be alone, rid myself of the baby vomit and have the water pound my aches away.  Until my mantra becomes reality, I will continue to enjoy my shower refuge.


Happy Fourth of July!

Thunder ShirtAlthough I enjoy the Fourth of July, I always have an apprehensive air on this holiday. Being in the amputee community has afforded me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. Unfortunately, far too many of my friends have been inducted into the community because of a firework injury. The brilliant lights and joyful booming that have become a family tradition for so many can quickly lead to catastrophe. Last year there were 11,400 firework injuries in this country, with far too many resulting in amputations.  Please be careful and respect the blast. The colorful and whimsical packaging can be deceitful, fooling many into believing that the product inside is safe.

I have been honored to do some volunteer work in our military hospitals since my amputation. It was during these visits that I learned and saw the debilitating impact of Post Traumatic Stress on our returning soldiers. Please know that fireworks are not only physically dangerous if handled improperly, but the sound can trigger PTSD, especially for our individuals who have served in combat. If you have a neighbor who was active military, I implore you to speak with them before commencing the booming festivities. Providing a little warning that fireworks will be set off can thwart a full-blown flashback attack.

I have always loved watching the firework display from my Mom’s porch, but at times the sounds of her dogs barking and howling muffled the bangs from the fireworks themselves. Her dogs, like so many, have trouble dealing with the sounds on the Fourth of July. No amount of reprimanding and physical reassurance ever helped them calm down, and she almost resigned herself to a night of puppy anxiety each Fourth of July.

A few years ago she mentioned her dog’s reactions to the fireworks when she was at the vet, and was shocked that he had a non-medicinal solution. (Her dogs have a slew of health issues so minimizing pharmaceutical consumption is appreciated.) The doctor recommended trying a weighted anxiety vest for the dogs to keep them calm.  Although she wasn’t convinced that the vest would do the trick, she figured it was worth a try.

The next time the fireworks started launching, my Mom dutifully dressed both dogs in their new weighted vests. As soon as the vest was put on the dogs started to calm down. They barked a little but quickly calmed and left the room. For the first time since she became a dog owner, we were able to both hear and see the fireworks from her window.  While we were watching the display, her dogs were quietly laying at the foot of her bed, seemingly undisturbed by the sounds.

I don’t know if a weighted anxiety vest will work for every dog, but I do know that it works for my Mom’s. It was heartbreaking, and frustrating, watching her dogs become frantic and scared each time a firework was launched. Finding a non-pharmaceutical product that works to calm them has allowed my Mom to enjoy her Fourth of July. I wanted to share the information about the vest because I know that her dogs are not the only ones who have suffered because of fireworks.

Grill Master

In addition to the relaxation which comes from a managing a minimal family schedule, I find cooking meals easier during the summer months. Hearty, and often complicated meals are replaced by quick burgers on the grill accompanied by an ear of corn. The stress of “what am I going to make for dinner” is lifted because I have the grill.

Grilling is an inexpensive, quick and mess-free meal solution. Perhaps more importantly, it is also delicious! I don’t have to plan ahead, which I appreciate because right now I’m recovering from surgery and caring for a newborn. It is taking all of my energy to simply remain in the moment! At the last minute I can take burgers from the freezer to the grill and have dinner ready in 10 minutes.

In order to simplify this already easy form of cooking, a few years ago I broke down and purchased a dedicated set of grilling tools. I grew tired of digging through my utensil drawer trying to find my metal spatula. Although my kitchen spatula worked, it was not designed for the task of grilling. I grew tired of having the little hairs on my arms singed by the flames and heat from the grill.

Kitchen spatulas feature shorter handles because they are designed for frying pans and griddles. Grilling spatulas feature long handles, allowing the grill master to maintain a safe, and comfortable, distance from the flames and smoke. It took awhile for me to breakdown and purchase the grilling tools, but I haven’t regretted them. It is amazing how the right tool can simply a task.

The grilling spatula in the Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set features a heat resistant, extra long handle and a wide turning area. Using this spatula, I am able to avoid the intense heat and flare ups that are the pitfalls of grilling food. I remain safe, and comfortable, while preparing a quick and easy meal for my family.

The set also has a set of gripper tongs, which are perfect when my husband makes steaks or sausages. My little boy loves the corn holders. Although it isn’t a particularly fun task, I have learned to appreciate the angled cleaning brush included in the set.  The convenient carrying and storage case makes it easy for us to find the tools when we need them. During the winter they are stowed in the closet, but during the warmer months they tend to take up residence in the kitchen with the case conveniently fitting between my refrigerator and cabinet.

The Cuisinart grill set was a fantastic purchase for our grill loving family. Sometimes, breaking down and purchasing the right tools for the jobs makes all the difference.  Happy grilling!

Helping the Helper

imageI don’t spend a lot of time lamenting my amputation. I live a happy and healthy life and, for the most part, adapting to the limb loss has become second nature. Perhaps the only aspect of living with an amputation which I utterly detest is the sense of vulnerability. A fall, sore, blister, ingrown hair or a slew of other issues can pop up at a moments notice, rendering me unable to walk.

Last week I went to the doctor for my yearly limb check appointment. I knew that I was having some issues, but a I had hoped to thwart drastic treatment until my baby is a little older. Unfortunately the x-rays and exams revealed that the issues were more complex and involved than I realized. I emerged from the office with a handful of paperwork and a date for surgery.

Having surgery with a newborn is an exercise in planning and frustration. Ironically, I was put into the same situation after my first son was born eight years ago. I was hoping to avoid reliving the past, but it certainly did not turn out that way. After prepping the house and juggling schedules to secure care for both kiddos, I went to the hospital yesterday morning for my major limb revision surgery.

The procedure went well and, although I’m in considerable pain, I am expecting a smooth recovery. I’m already chomping at the bit to wear my prosthesis again. I have a feeling that the next month will feel extraordinarily long as I wait to heal enough to start wearing it.

Unlike my last post baby revision, this time I have more help. My older son is now eight and eager to be a helper. He loves fetching drinks, snacks, pillows and assorted electronic devices for me.

Although he is a great assistant, he is not necessarily the most careful. He tends to drop and spill, many times creating more of a mess for me. I’ve learned to take measures to counter his innate clumsiness.  Sometimes having him help creates more work for me as I have to clean the spills etc..

I have even found some products which help to minimize my son’s propensity for dropping and spilling. When I ask him to fetch me some water, I know that a trail of drops will not be left by the liquid sloshing. During my recovery, and perhaps indefinitely I have been using a large insulated tumbler with lid and straw.

The cup keeps the liquids cold, and the straw makes it easier to drink from while lying in bed. The lid has saved copious amounts of water, juice and soda from spilling out as my little helper eagerly delivers it. When I am able to use my knee scooter again I am confident that I won’t create spills while wheeling around.

Recovering from surgery is always difficult. Adding a newborn to the mix simple adds to the frustration. Anytime I find a product, such as this insulated tumbler, that helps me I am appreciative.

Spring Cleaning My Prosthesis

Using a prosthesis, I am used to garnering stares and unwatched attention when I’m in public. When I was a newbie the second glances and stares used to bother me. As I’ve adjusted to my disability, embracing my potential and rediscovering my self-esteem, my feelings towards the gawkers have tempered.

A prosthesis is not commonly seen, and it is normal to look at anything that is unusual. I have come to realize that the visual interest I receive is not derogatory but is simply an unintentional reaction. The majority of people probably don’t even realize that they have turned their heads for another glance. Accepting that it is my prostheses-and not me-that has become a lightening rod for stares has been empowering.

Over the years I have become oblivious to the looks and second glances when I’m in public. (I suppose when you experience something multiple times on a daily basis it becomes second nature.) My little boy used to cheerfully wave at every onlooker, which was perhaps the best way to bring attention to their staring. As soon as my little guy started waving, the look of shock and embarrassment wafting on the faces of the offenders was utterly priceless!

Although most of the time I don’t notice the attention, every Spring it becomes magnified. Wearing jeans during the winter, I gradually adjusted to blending in with everybody else. Returning shorts and knee length dresses to my wardrobe expose my prosthesis. Anytime my leg is visible I receive more looks in public.

I know that people are going to look, so I want my leg to look as clean and neat as possible. The socket itself is easy to clean, I just wipe it down with a damp towel. My foot shell requires more effort, but removing the scuff marks, stains and caked in dirt is not impossible.

I’ve learned that a Magic Eraser can save me a lot of time and elbow grease when I want to clean my foot shell. Most of the marks can be scrubbed away with minimal effort, leaving the foot shell clean and ready for Spring. I find myself walking with new confidence when my prosthesis is sparkling clean. I tend to hold my head up higher and walk with more purpose which is a good thing, because I know that people are watching!


Easy Watering

Taking care of a newborn has certainly sidelined many of my plans and ideas. I can’t believe it is already the middle of May and we haven’t yet planted our garden. Typically I have seedlings sprouting in March and April in preparation for planting day. This year, we will be relegated to buying plants at the local nursery.

Although I’m disappointed that we didn’t grow our plants from seed this year, I am still looking forward to planting and tending our little garden. It always astounds me how a small section of soil and produce so many vegetables. It is a lot of work, but I have come to believe that food grown in a home garden simply tastes better!

Gardening is not always easy, but I have a little helper to lighten the load. My son is almost 8, and he is eager to dig in the dirt and pull weeds. His favorite garden related chore, finding worms to help the soil, ranks among his favorite activities.  My responsibility is keeping the garden watered. (In full disclosure my son would love to have this job, but he cannot be trusted with the hose.)

Schlepping the heavy and dirty garden hose through the yard each day used to be a frustrating task. No matter how carefully I pulled, I always ended with dirt and mulch covering my legs and forearms. The traditional hose is heavy and often became entwined in my flowerbeds and around my shrubs. I have tripped more times than I would like to recall because the filthy hose became tangled around my prosthesis .

On a whim last summer I bought the expandable garden hose featured on television commercials. I was weary that a lightweight, Imageshrunken little tube would expand and transport the water across the yard to our little garden, but I decided to give it a try. Within seconds of turning on the faucet the hose began to expand and grow. I have to admit I’m not sure who was more excited, me or my 8 year old!

The expandable garden hose worked as promised, and continued to deliver throughout the summer. I never experienced a leak or break in the line. In addition to the novelty factor, the aggravation of contending with a dirty and unwieldy hose was completely eliminated.

I have been impressed with the expandable garden hose. This lightweight hose makes it easier, cleaner and safer for me to water our garden. This is just another product which has helped me to become an UNlimiter!

Black Light Remedy

I want to apologize by not posting a blog last week. Although well-intended, I was unexpectedly sidelined. Wednesday night I went into premature labor, and Thursday morning I delivered my second son. He is a preemie and small, but healthy. Needless to say, little Timmy has already wrapped everybody around his tiny little fingers!Image

It has been eight years since I’ve cared for a newborn. Obviously my “mom amnesia” had skewed the memories, allowing me to forget the exhaustion that ensues from the near constant night feedings. To complicate matters, Timmy has been put on a strict feeding schedule to promote weight gain, necessitating that we wake him every 90 minutes to feed. Considering that it takes him approximately 45 minutes to take a half an ounce, I am able to sleep for 30 minutes at a time. To say that I am becoming worn down would be an understatement!

One of the most frustrating aspects of the constant feedings lies with my prosthesis. I cannot simply hop up and feed the baby like my able-bodied friends. I have to take the time to don my liner and my leg, assuring that I have a safe and comfortable fit, before proceeding to take care of the baby. Done on a hourly basis for several days and I started to notice small holes develop towards the top of my liner.

Knowing that liners are quality tested for a certain number of wearings, I began to worry that I was going to exceed this number because of the midnight feedings. Although not ideal, I began to wonder if I could simply keep my liner on between feedings. I worried that wearing it for extended periods during the day and night would compromise my skin health, so I contacted my prosthetist.

After listening to my concerns, he revealed an industry “secret.” Although it is preferred that the liner be removed for at least 6 hours Imageconsecutively each day, the recommended time is not a requirement for skin health. Putting the liner, inside out, under a black light for 15 minutes will kill the fungus and bacteria which might have developed from wearing it for extended periods of time. I was also encouraged to put my limb under the black light to kill anything which might have latched onto the skin, but only for five minute intervals.

With the help of a black light, I am now able to keep my liner on throughout the never ending midnight feedings. It may not sound like a huge victory, but for this sleep deprived Mom eliminating the liner step to the routine is a relief. I wanted to share the black light tip because I am confident that I am not the only amputee who has encountered a situation where the liner needed to be worn for extended periods of time. When it does occur, it is nice to know that there is a remedy available- in the form of a little black light.

Loving my Swiffer

The Swiffer family of products has been heavily advertised on television, with commercials featuring individuals with disabilities demonstrating the ease of use and versatility of each item. While I hate to jump on the bandwagon, I must admit that I am a Swiffer convert. Speaking as an individual with a disability who utterly detests cleaning, my Swiffer mop and duster have simplified these dreaded chores.

While I certainly don’t contend to keep a spotless home, after all cleaning has never been my passion, I do strive to keep the environment relatively sanitary. I continue to be amazed at the amount of dirt one little boy can track into the house after an afternoon playing outside. Sometimes just trying to maintain a status quo of cleanliness is enough to keep me busy for hours!

One of the reasons I hate cleaning lies with lugging around the heavy and awkward equipment.  From schlepping out the vacuum to wrangling the mop and ringer apparatus, some days it felt like I was spending more time preparing to clean than actually working on the chore itself. Because of my prosthesis, I am cautious when carrying and moving equipment. My balance is already impacted, and trying to walk with an unbalanced load simply makes moving more laborious. While I never used my amputation as an excuse to avoid cleaning, I have certainly learned that it makes it more difficult and time consuming.

After watching the Swiffer commercials for what felt like the thousandth time, I finally broke down and bought one. (Yes, I am apparently one of those individuals who is highly susceptible to persuasion.)  I was skeptical that it would reap the results promised, but I was willing to give it a try.  With the baby bump becoming bigger by the day, and my mobility becoming increasingly impacted, I figured it was the perfect occasion to put the Swiffer promise to the test.

To my surprise, the Swiffer floor mop was remarkably lightweight. I could easily hold the mop with one hand, allowing me to quickly switch grip and hand position as I moved throughout the house. The swivel head actually swiveled, enabling me to reach spaces that have long been ignored by my cleaning efforts! I was shocked at how much dirt accumulated on the cleaning pads, which I took as visible proof that my floors were becoming clean.  In addition to the lack of weight and the ease of maneuverability, my favorite feature rested on what I no longer needed. I didn’t have to contend with buckets of soapy water, dripping ringers and sloshing dirty water in a quest for clean floors!

Because this mop is so easy to use and maneuver, I highly recommend it to everybody. By using the Swiffer, I have eliminated at least 30 minutes from my cleaning routine. It is nice to be able to use a product which is so simple in design yet effective. I love that I no longer have to struggle schlepping buckets of water or unruly mops to clean. My house is still not spotless, but keeping it acceptably clean is easier with the Swiffer!

Elevated Garden Bed- Truly UNlimiting!

Spring is almost here!  With only one more winter event forecast for the end of the weekend, I’m optimistic that the warmer temperatures will stop flirting and will finally stay in place. This winter has been nothing short of brutal, and I can’t wait to stop hibernating under my electric throws and again seek warmth from the sun.

With my thoughts focusing on warmer weather, I have begun one of my favorite Springtime endeavors- planning my garden. I am, by no means, an expert gardener. However, I do enjoy tinkering in the soil and watching my efforts grow into a variety of delicious vegetables. As an unanticipated bonus, I discovered that my son is far more willing to try new vegetables if he has had a hand in the growing process. For our family, gardening has allowed us to spend some quality time outdoors while expanding our palettes.

Because I have a little boy who is eager to help, I don’t have to deal with the discomfort of stooping and bending while tending the garden. He is at an age where he is happy to assume this responsibility! Unfortunately my Mom is not lucky enough to have eager young hands to help her, and after her knee replacements she almost abandoned her favorite Spring/Summer hobby altogether.

Kneeling and squatting with knee replacements is both painful and difficult. Her back is not nearly as spry as it was in her youth, so bending at her waist to tend a traditional garden was not an option. Unwilling to allow her to give up, I searched for an alternative to the traditional raised garden.

I purchased this elevated garden bed for Mother’s Day a few years ago, and it has been a game changer. Because the garden is on Imagelegs, she can plant, tend and harvest her produce without bending, kneeling or stooping. She could even tend the garden from the comfort of her wheelchair!

The large bed offers the depth she needs to grow all the vegetables she desires. She was even able to grow a small patch of carrots! Because the entire garden is on a tall platform, weeds are virtually non-existent and her dogs don’t dig up her harvest prematurely.

The elevated garden box is easy to assemble, and required no tools. Although neither of us are mechanically inclined, my husband and I had it assembled in less than an hour. We filled it with potting soil (which in truth was probably the most difficult task) and she was ready to start planting. Set-up could not have been easier, and the end result was surprisingly sturdy and durable.

My Mom accepted that she had to give up a beloved activity because of mobility issues. This elevated garden is more proof that anything can be accomplished with a combination of desire and adaptations. It turns out that it is possible to enjoy the benefits of tending a garden without bending, and without pain. For my Mom, the elevated garden bed has been UNlimiting!

Robo Stir

Before I was a busy, working Mom, I used to love cooking. Time in the kitchen became my creative outlet. I prided myself on preparing delicious and nutritious meals with little regard to the amount of time required.

Now the stress of having to cook every single day has worn on my creativity and passion. Lately, it feels more like a chore. Every once in awhile I find something that reignites my passion in the kitchen, but for the most part it has been relegated to something that is looming everyday on my “to do” list.

In addition to the stress of having to come up with a menu every single day, spending time on my feet has become increasingly difficult. I’m now in my 7th month of pregnancy, and I’m tired! My prostheses fits, a fact for which I am grateful, but my gait has been compromised because of my growing baby bump. Walking, standing and moving in general are all becoming more fatigue inducing. At the end of the day, all I want to do is slip off my leg and relax on the couch. Instead, I find myself in the kitchen desperately trying to cook a quasi-nutritious meal in the least amount of time.

This past Christmas I received the Robo Stir from my Mom. At the time I thought that it was a clever contraption, but I never envisioned Imagethat it would become my go-to tool in the kitchen. After all, I’ve had little success with the “As Seen on TV” miracle products.

I wasn’t expecting much, but shortly after the holidays I pulled the Robo Stir from its clam shell package and decided to give it a try. I have to admit that I was shocked not only by how well this little pot stirrer works, but by the amount of time it saves me on my feet. Right now, anything that keeps me off my feet and saves me energy is elevated to one of my favorite things!

From stirring cheese and spaghetti sauces to basic gravy, this wonderful little device has been a godsend in my kitchen. After I make the sauce, I simply put the Robo Stir into the pot and press the button. The stirrer keeps everything moving, allowing it to cook evenly and without burning. And my favorite perk- I no longer have to stand at the stove. While everything is coming together I can sit down and relax.

The Robo Stir has UNlimited me in the kitchen. I have been impressed with how consistently everything is stirred. As a bonus, I have yet to have anything burn while using it. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same when I’m stirring by hand. Perhaps surpassing the function, I love that I can sit down and relax while cooking dinner. I have such limited energy right now that anytime I can save myself standing it is worthwhile!

Eliminating DVD Boxes

Our house is an electronics lover’s paradise. A quick count reveals that we have four DVD players (including the one in the car), an Xbox and a Wii. While I have come to accept the cords and power strips, there is one aspect of living with all of these devices which has been driving me batty.  Every DVD, and every single game, comes in a plastic case which I found impossible to conveniently and aesthetically store.

My husband blames my desire to tidy-up on pregnancy nesting. I contend that I’m just tired of living in clutter. Either way, this past week I have been on an organizing mission, and those plastic DVD boxes was at the top of my list.

Organizing the games and DVD’s on a bookcase did not work for our family. I discovered quickly that my husband and son would find the desired case, pull out the disk and put it in the appropriate player. When they were ready to switch games or videos, they would get another game without putting back the one which had been in use. A pile of silver disks quickly accumulated on the edge of the TV table while the plastic cases littered the couch and coffee table. Unfortunately, the cats find playing with the silver DVD disks amusing, perpetuating the clutter factor.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a solution to my DVD/ game storage problem. I bought a large CD storage binder. Although not heavy

Imageor bulky, this binder has the capacity to store 336 disks! While everybody was at school (my husband is a teacher), I gleefully liberated every video and game from it’s case. I tossed the empty containers in a large box (for storage in the garage) while I organized the DVD’s into the binder. In less than an hour I had liberated three shelves of DVD boxes and consolidated all of the games and DVD’s into one convenient location.

Now instead of having piles of DVD’s and empty boxes strewn through the family room, everything is organized in a zippered binder. The previously overwhelming game and movie library is now stowed conveniently under the coffee table, allowing it to remain accessible for my gamers while still accommodating my emerging organizing compulsion.  I wish I had thought of consolidating everything into a binder years ago!  It is amazing how such a simple concept, such as consolidating everything into a binder, can solve a frustrating issue.

Quick and Easy Beauty on a Budget

I have always been a sucker for skin care. From ointments touting perfect skin to lotions which promise to miraculously erase the wrinkles of time, I have them all.  Not surprisingly, most do not work and have taken up residence in my large “drawer of disappointment” under my vanity.

My interest in skin care and make up wafts and wanes throughout the year but always crests in mid to late February. I suspect that the dreary cold weather, coupled with the post-holiday depression combine to make me feel inadequate and ugly. I’ve noticed that make-up advertisements and sales seem to inundate us this time of year, so I must not be the only woman with this seasonal reaction.

Despite spending thousands of dollars over the years on hundreds of little tubes and bottles, I have finally settled on two products which I use on a consistent basis. In fact, this is the first year that I haven’t added a few little bottles to the “been there, tried that” abyss of failure.  This year, instead of scouring the ads for the next best thing, I happily trudged along with my existing skin care routine.

I don’t have the time to mess around with multiple products. I have no interest in investing 30 minutes in a skin care routine. I like to keep things simple, and with L’Oreal Youth Code Day Lotion, this is possible.  I love the slight scent, which I find uplifting but not overpowering. The lotion goes on smoothly, and probably more importantly, it absorbs quickly. After a few days I noticed that my skin was smoother and had an even tone. Although I don’t know if it erased any of my emerging fine lines, I do know that I feel prettier and younger since using the product.

After the day lotion is absorbed, I use the Youth Code BB Cream as my foundation.  This tinted cream goes on quickly and is easy to apply. With this BB Cream, those pesky foundation lines are gone and my skin tone simply looks naturally flawless. The coverage stays put throughout the day, allowing me to avoid transferring my foundation on my shirt collar, napkins, my cell phone and any other item which touches my face throughout the day.

I love my Youth Code Day Lotion and BB Cream, and I don’t see myself switching products anytime soon. These products suit my needs and my lifestyle. (My husband also appreciates the fact that I am not spending oodles of money searching for the next best thing!) The Youth Code products have Unlimited my skin care routine, allowing me to feel pretty with a minimal time investment.


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