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Simple Sweeping Solutions: Part Two

downloadAll adults know that being an adult isn’t anything we had imagined as a kid. Sure, we can stay up all night if we want to, but we never want to; in fact, most of us are looking for reasons to stay up passed 8PM. It is also true that we can have ice cream for all three meals if we want to, but we don’t because we no longer have the metabolism of a child, plus just looking at ice cream makes our clothes a bit tighter. We also don’t have to go to school, but we do have to work, which is decidedly worse than school, even though we get paid to show up. We do have our own money, but it isn’t going to that American Girl doll I wanted so badly back in the day; instead I use it for really exciting stuff like my groceries and electricity. All of these things make being an adult one giant let down, but there is one thing that I absolutely hate, above all else, about being an adult: house cleaning.

Of course, house cleaning was terrible as a kid, but at least my parents sometimes threw me a couple bucks to compensate; now the only reward I get is a clean house and that typically lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the day. I hate cleaning the house. I mean, I know I technically don’t have to clean it, but the alternative of ending up on an episode of Hoarders does not appeal to me either.

Because I hate cleaning so much, I am always looking for something to make cleaning a little easier. A few years ago, I purchased the Mint, and I love it. However, the Mint does have its flaws. It is not great at corners or along edges, and I have to pick up all the chairs and stuff from the floor before I use it. So I do find myself sweeping every now and then, especially those small messes that don’t require a full floor clean.

I have a light weight broom that I can use, but I was forever struggling with the dustpan. Additionally, all the dog and cat hair was sticking to the bristles of my broom so I constantly had to stop and pull them off. After a few months of looking, I finally found something that works for me. This upright dustpan is very sturdy. I can lean on it without it collapsing on me, but it’s also lightweight, which allows me to move it around the room easily. The best part is that it has these teeth that help remove at the stuff that gets caught in the broom.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will be cleaning for the rest of my life. Although it might never be fun, it is always good when I can find a product that makes cleaning just a little easier. This dustpan will not only help keep my floors clean between using the Mint, it also saves me from wrestling on the floor with my old dustpan.

Simple Sweeping Solutions

I have never been a neat freak, and I was never a complete slob, but cleaning has never really been something I spent a lot of time on. Because of my Cerebral Palsy, I was used to letting other people do most of the more complicated chores like vacuuming and sweeping. In college, I was spoiled by a roommate whose cleaning habits bordered on OCD. She practically followed me around with the broom, sweeping the dirt from my wheelchair tires before it even hit the floor.

After graduation, I moved in with my best friend. At first I didn’t notice the mess. Then, one day, I came home and realized our apartment smelled like feet. It was clear that I was going to have to start putting some effort into the housework. Still, I managed to avoid vacuuming and sweeping for several more years.
Then I got my dog, and began to notice the hair on the floor seemed to accumulate at an alarming rate. Of course, my husband didn’t seem to notice the accumulation.

Despite not having a disability, his sweeping and vacuuming skills left a lot to be desired. I tried to help out, but our vacuum was heavy and hard to maneuver, and a broom and dust pan was nearly impossible to coordinate.
After a few embarrassing moments, when my guests ended up doing the chore for me, I decided to look for some alternatives. I went through about five or six different sweepers and mops, and a few hundred bucks before I finally found a solution that worked.

The Shark vacuum is the solution for my carpeted areas. I briefly considered getting a Rumba or other robotic vacuum, but with four cats and a dog I was worried there would be too much hair for the small, battery powered vacuums to handle. Shark vacuums are great for those who can use traditional vacuums. It is so lightweight, easy to turn and maneuver, I can handle it both standing and while using my wheelchair. It picks up a TON of dirt and is super easy to empty out, plus Shark Vacuums are really affordable.

The sweeping and mopping was a bit harder to solve. Unlike vacuuming, my problem wasn’t about the weight of what I was using, but the whole task was difficult for me. I needed something that would just do the sweeping and the mopping for me. The Mint turned out to be that solution. The Mint is an automatic floor cleaner that does both the sweeping and mopping. You simply attach one of the wet or dry cloths and turn it on. The mint will do all the work, steering itself around any objects.

Of course, I still don’t enjoy cleaning. Does anyone? But, the Mint and Shark do make two of my least favorite chores   that much more manageable.

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