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I Can Finally Curl my Own Eyelashes

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am not much of a make-up person.  I really only wear it on special occasions or when I am getting professional photos taken. It’s not that I don’t like make-up. Make-up takes a lot of time, time that I could be using to do more important things like sleep. It occurs to me however, that at thirty one, I am approaching the age when I might need to start wearing make-up in order to avoid scaring small children in public.

I am not completely inexperienced in the make-up department, as I said I do wear it on occasion, but when I want to look really good, I usually have to have  my sister help me. I am absolutely hopeless at doing eye make-up. Eyeliner, is a huge struggle but the thing that causes me the most trouble is the eyelash curler. My sister is a firm believer that one cannot wear mascara without curling your lashes first, especially when you have stick straight lashes like me. The problem is, I am terrified of that thing.

Seriously, I think the eyelash curler, high heels and bras were all invented by the same sadistic individual, running an experiment to see just how far people would go to obtain that ever changing idea of beauty.  While avoiding bras is not something I am willing or able to do, I have gotten pretty far in life while managing to avoid the first two. Still, I do love the way my eyes look when my sister does my make-up, so overcoming my fear of the eyelash curler seemed to be my only option. Then my sister sent me this link. That’s right, while millions of people  curl their lashes every day with something that looks like a medieval torture device, heated eyelash curlers exist.

To be honest, I tried this eyelash curler for the first time about five minutes ago and I have to say that thing is genius. If you can apply mascara, you can use this eyelash curler. It uses heat to curl your lashes, but don’t worry, it doesn’t get too hot.

For comparison, I used the curler on one side and mascara alone on the other. In this picture the eye that I used the curler on, is on the right. The lashes on the outside of my eye have a little more curl, but that is because I had a little trouble reaching the inside lashes. This was not because of the curler itself; I always have trouble with that area. It’s going to take a little practice to perfect, just like everything else.


I don’t know if this eyelash curler is going to motivate me to do my make-up more often or not, but at least now, when I do my make-up, I will be able curl my lashes on my own.

Quadriplegic Wins Modeling Competition

Take a stroll down the makeup aisle. Chances are not one of those women in any of the ads plastering the aisle have any kind of disability. But now a 21 year old woman from Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, is changing all of that. Jessica Kruger, a C7 quadriplegic (injured in a fall from a ladder when she was 15), has won an online modeling contest put on my Lise Watier, a very cool Canadian makeup company. Read more about her win

I always though women with disabilities wanting to get into modeling should target makeup modeling opportunities. In most photos for makeup, all you see is the model from the chest up, so our inability to walk wouldn’t ruin the shot in anyway. It really is a perfect way for us to still model. And if you have a particularly stunning face, such as in Jessica Kruger’s case, this is where you should start first.

How She Won

And the online contest was set up by Lise to find the face of their new “Something Sweet” perfume, and over 400 wanna-be models entered. What’s cool is that Jessica got in the top 5 by user votes only. The top 5 then went to the Lise Watier HQ to get interviewed by their execs, with Jessica coming out as the winner. “I’m in shock,” Jessica said about winning, who entered just for fun not thinking she’d ever have a chance.

And that’s what gets me really. She didn’t expect to win. No one expects the masses to see our beauty. I know this from first-hand experience myself. And when you’re surprised and humanity does see your beauty to the point of giving you a modeling contract, it’s pretty hard to hold onto any lingering sadness at that point. I can only imagine how good that cloud feels where Jessica is hanging out right now.

Lise Watier plans on creating a series of ads featuring Jessica, including magazine ads, online videos and product ads at Shoppers Drug Mart, where the perfume will be available. I think what I love most about this story other than the fact that the world is finally seeing a model with paralysis in mainstream beauty ads, is that Jessica is an athlete – the youngest female quad rugby player in all of Canada actually. A well-rounded girly girl who ALSO has a disability – gotta love that.

Will We See Application Tips from Jessica?

I hope in some of the videos where they show Jessica sporting her makeup, looking gorgeous, they also show her putting on her makeup herself. With partially paralyzed hands, which she has, putting on makeup takes some serious skill. I’m in the same boat she is and have found a few makeup products that work great for my hands.

One of my “must-haves” is my CoverGirl Perfect Point Eyeliner in Black Onyx. There’s something in this eyeliner that makes it glide on like a dream, don’t know what it is (wax?), but it still shows up quite nice even if you can’t press it hard. I also would be 100% lost with my long-handle makeup brushes. The extra-long handles are perfect for wedging between paralyzed fingers.

I also would cry like a baby if they ever discontinued Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Bronzer in Sunkissed; best shade ever. This color is so forgiving when it comes to uneven application, which can happen, because it’s comprised of several color palettes combined into out, helping to blur over any imperfections.

I really hope Jessica’s win and subsequent ads truly change misconceptions people have about people with disabilities. A pretty face has a lot of power, and people will take note.

Watch a video interviewing Jessica about the competition

Do you wear makeup everyday? What tricks help you out each morning?

Check out the products recommended in the post

– CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

– Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bronzer in Sunkissed

– Long handle makeup brushes from MAC

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