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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This weekend, Michigan’s weather forecast predicted a pretty bad storm. Heavy rains, high winds and even possible tornadoes. Most of us paid little attention to the forecast.  After all, Michigan weathermen cry ‘bad storms’ more than Peter cried wolf. This time, however, the weatherman wasn’t kidding. This storm was a doozie, mostly because of the wind. There was plenty of damage done during the storm, and many people lost power for days afterwards.

Our power flickered a few times and then finally went out for good at eight o’clock on Sunday night. It didn’t come back on for 26 hours. How did I survive? With the help of a good blanket, a good book, some wine and my husband’s baseball cap.

The wine and the blanket kept me warm. Though, to be honest, the wine had the dual purpose of drowning out another type of whine coming from other members of the household. My husband and my cats simply cannot tolerate a power outage; especially when, “the house three doors down has lights, why don’t we?” The book kept the hours ticking away at a steady pace; but that hat was the real key to my survival.

I am sure you are asking yourself, “How can a mere baseball cap help one survive a power outage?” Well, this is no ordinary hat. This is an ingenious hat. A hat designed for lazy people; and we all know that those kinds of inventions are usually quite helpful for people with disabilities.

This brilliant hat is a lighted baseball cap. The bill of this hat discreetly houses a set of small, L.E.D. lights, along with a little wired button for turning it on and off. Not only was I able to read my book with ease, but when I inevitably got up to use the bathroom (I was drinking wine, after all), I didn’t have to juggle a flashlight, or worse, a hot candle. The beam of light from this hat is not obnoxious either; it won’t blind your pets or your people. It gives just enough light to comfortably see by.

Granted, this is not the first time I have used my husband’s baseball cap. When there isn’t a power outage, I have used it to conveniently create a little more light while I am hand sewing on couch. I also use it when I want to read in bed and my husband is asleep.

For some reason, this hat is only marketed for men, so the color selections sucks; but I am willing to forgo fashion for practicality. Especially during a power outage when no one can see me anyway.

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