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A Little Help in Bed is Good for Anyone

When you are living life UNlimited, you often discover the need for new assistive devices that you never needed before. Sometimes this is due to a new hobby or a new job, other times it happens simply because something around you changes, like you move or get a new piece of furniture.

The first thing my husband and I bought after we got married two years ago was a new bed. Since both of us had grown up with mattress hand me downs, we were pretty freaking excited. We decided a pillow top mattress with an adjustable base and a massage feature.

The adjustable base was a bit of a splurge, but it turned out to be something I use a lot. I can finally read in bed without dropping my book (I am notorious for reading books big enough and heavy enough to build houses with.) I also use it to get in and out of bed easily. All and all we were both excited about the bed. For me, that excitement lasted about three hours into the first night.

That’s when I realized our soft mattress made it nearly impossible for me to roll over independently. I could do it, but it took a concentrated effort. This often resulted in the sheets and blankets being wrapped around me and me laying there wide awake. The alternative to this scenario was waking up my husband and asking for his help; which would be fine if I didn’t roll over at least three times per night.

For a few weeks, I tried learning how to roll in my new bed, but it didn’t get any easier. I tried not to roll at all, but that was like trying not to scratch an itch. I finally decided to get a bed rail. I was a little concerned about finding one that would work with an adjustable base, but figured it couldn’t hurt to look. I did a lot of research, but was hesitant to buy one online because they are relatively expensive, and I hate having to ship things back. Luckily, as it would turn out, I had a friend with an extra bed rail (It really pays to know other people with disabilities).

This bed rail works perfectly with my adjustable base by attaching to the bed frame with a strap. I had to have my husband help me attach it, mostly because it is a queen sized mattress and I am a small sized person; but once it was on, it needed very few adjustments. It is very stable, which is good since I pull on this thing every night and it has held up to all my abuse. I have also found it helpful for transferring in and out of bed, which was an unexpected perk.

I am very happy with my bed thanks to this rail. I still cannot turn onto my left side without making two rights, but at least I am not waking up my husband anymore.

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