Valentine’s Week Plans

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day or, as my husband refers to it, the worst day of the year. While I tend to love all holidays, he leans towards the curmudgeon side. It isn’t that he lacks a sense of romance, but he does resent being told when he has to dote. 

Regardless of his feelings towards Valentine’s Day, I plan on celebrating all week. Thankfully my little boy has inherited my love of revelry and is fully on board with all things holiday related. I am sure that my son loves holidays because he knows that he will be showered with surprises and treats. Some say that I go overboard, but I know that I don’t spend a lot of money to make fun holiday memories and traditions. Instead, I rely upon a series of no or low cost surprises staggered throughout the week to make the holiday special.

One of the best investments I made was in the Balloon Time Helium Tank.  Balloons are expensive and not always easy to obtain and hide. This little tank makes it possible for me to blow up just a few balloons at my convenience. The look on my son’s face when he staggers out of his bedroom in the morning and discovers a few colorful balloons is priceless!

He also loves shaped and themed breakfast treats. The Norpro Heart Shaped Pancake Mold is perfect for fashioning a festive and happy breakfast to start the week off right. I make enough to store in the fridge so that I don’t have to cook breakfast for the rest of the week. He’s happy because he is eating a special treat and I’m delighted with the minimal prep work.

I don’t just spend the week pampering my son, I also treat myself a little better during holiday weeks. One of my favorite, and cheapest, luxuries involves painting my nails. Of course, painting the plastic nails on my prosthetic foot shell does involve some advance planning.

The foot shell tends to become stained and discolored. I’ve tried just about everything over the years to clean it and found that the MrImage. Clean Magic Eraser yields the best results with the least amount of work.  I am always amazed with the improvement in appearance after just a few minutes of cleaning! (Save yourself some aggravation by avoiding the store brand. For some reason they just don’t work the same magic.)

I don’t have to use any specific nail polish, but I do need to rely upon an acetone based remover when I want to change colors. The non-acetone nail polish removers just smear the polish across the plastic foot shell. I guess in some situations the heavier chemicals are the best option!

I love to take long baths, but I found that using oils or bubbles is not conducive with my residual limb. If my limb is coated in a thin sheath of oil, it slips right out of the liner. Trying to walk without a strong seal in the prosthetic is definitely not safe!

Instead of oils and bubbles, I rely on bath salts. I found that the minerals make me feel relaxed and do not damage my skin. I’m not intoImage heavy scents, so I prefer the Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Bath Salts. I am always a happier and more relaxed person after a long soaking bath.

Of course, I won’t ignore pampering my husband next week. I know that he detests Valentine’s Day, but I won’t let that stop me from including him in our fun. He loves gummy bears, so when I found this 5 pound version I knew I had to get it for him. Again, it doesn’t cost a lot of money but will certainly bring a smile to his face.


However you celebrate, I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Week!

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