Picnic Fun!

In our house the summertime weather always leads to the same activity. Whether we be going to the pool, to the park or just in our own backyard, we almost always have a picnic basket with us. Thankfully my son has inherited my affinity for outdoor dining on a blanket, and my husband has learned to accept that we are a picnic-loving family.

Over the years I have owned a myriad of picnic baskets.  I have had a difficult time finding a basket that would provide us with the space we needed without becoming too bulky or heavy for me to schlep through the zoo. Truth be told the shelves in my garage are overflowing with so many baskets featuring various shapes, sizes and designs that the room is beginning to resemble the entrance to Crate ‘n Barrel! After investing more money than I would care to admit, I have finally discovered the perfect picnic basket. The design and features are easy for me to handle, especially on those inconvenient bad leg/back days, while still providing ample room for all of our accessories.

It turns out that my perfect picnic basket is not a traditional basket, but is rather a picnic cooler on wheels. I didn’t need to struggle trying to carry a bulky and heavy basket when wheels are readily available! After all, pushing or pulling something is almost always the safest option for me. Although I’m typically steady with my prosthesis, it is easier for me to maintain my center of balance when I am pushing or pulling something instead of carrying a bulky item in my arms.

There is more to this picnic cooler than meets the eye. It is stocked with accessories and storage features that make it perfect for the outdoor loving family. I have no doubt that it was designed by a Mom!

The caster wheels move in all directions, allowing the cooler to be pushed or pulled from a variety of positions. They are tall wheels, providing ample clearance from the ground. Mud and muck don’t become caked onto the bottom of the cooler as it is being moved through fields.  I also appreciate that I can easily change my grasp to accommodate for the terrain and my gait pattern. Because of the ability to push the cooler, I no longer arrive at the picnic destination with sore arms and an unsafe gait.

The telescoping handle extends to a variety of distances which can be quickly adjusted depending upon who is pushing or pulling it. A variety of bungee cords have been sewn throughout the inside and the outside of the cooler, providing additional storage for dirty utensils, small toys or bug spray. As if the wheels and storage wasn’t enough of a wow factor, the lid is fully stocked with place settings for four. It is so much fun, and better for the environment, to use special picnic plates and utensils verses the disposable variety that leak and break easily.

It is strange how a product, which probably wasn’t designed with a disabled user in mind, can change an entire activity. This cooler has enabled my family’s picnicking, and I couldn’t be happier. Now we can go and enjoy one of our favorite outdoor activities without experiencing the frustrations of maneuvering with a bulky and heavy basket. I feel both safer and less fatigued when we arrive, allowing me to fully embrace the moment.

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