Loving my Swiffer

The Swiffer family of products has been heavily advertised on television, with commercials featuring individuals with disabilities demonstrating the ease of use and versatility of each item. While I hate to jump on the bandwagon, I must admit that I am a Swiffer convert. Speaking as an individual with a disability who utterly detests cleaning, my Swiffer mop and duster have simplified these dreaded chores.

While I certainly don’t contend to keep a spotless home, after all cleaning has never been my passion, I do strive to keep the environment relatively sanitary. I continue to be amazed at the amount of dirt one little boy can track into the house after an afternoon playing outside. Sometimes just trying to maintain a status quo of cleanliness is enough to keep me busy for hours!

One of the reasons I hate cleaning lies with lugging around the heavy and awkward equipment.  From schlepping out the vacuum to wrangling the mop and ringer apparatus, some days it felt like I was spending more time preparing to clean than actually working on the chore itself. Because of my prosthesis, I am cautious when carrying and moving equipment. My balance is already impacted, and trying to walk with an unbalanced load simply makes moving more laborious. While I never used my amputation as an excuse to avoid cleaning, I have certainly learned that it makes it more difficult and time consuming.

After watching the Swiffer commercials for what felt like the thousandth time, I finally broke down and bought one. (Yes, I am apparently one of those individuals who is highly susceptible to persuasion.)  I was skeptical that it would reap the results promised, but I was willing to give it a try.  With the baby bump becoming bigger by the day, and my mobility becoming increasingly impacted, I figured it was the perfect occasion to put the Swiffer promise to the test.

To my surprise, the Swiffer floor mop was remarkably lightweight. I could easily hold the mop with one hand, allowing me to quickly switch grip and hand position as I moved throughout the house. The swivel head actually swiveled, enabling me to reach spaces that have long been ignored by my cleaning efforts! I was shocked at how much dirt accumulated on the cleaning pads, which I took as visible proof that my floors were becoming clean.  In addition to the lack of weight and the ease of maneuverability, my favorite feature rested on what I no longer needed. I didn’t have to contend with buckets of soapy water, dripping ringers and sloshing dirty water in a quest for clean floors!

Because this mop is so easy to use and maneuver, I highly recommend it to everybody. By using the Swiffer, I have eliminated at least 30 minutes from my cleaning routine. It is nice to be able to use a product which is so simple in design yet effective. I love that I no longer have to struggle schlepping buckets of water or unruly mops to clean. My house is still not spotless, but keeping it acceptably clean is easier with the Swiffer!

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