Grill Master

In addition to the relaxation which comes from a managing a minimal family schedule, I find cooking meals easier during the summer months. Hearty, and often complicated meals are replaced by quick burgers on the grill accompanied by an ear of corn. The stress of “what am I going to make for dinner” is lifted because I have the grill.

Grilling is an inexpensive, quick and mess-free meal solution. Perhaps more importantly, it is also delicious! I don’t have to plan ahead, which I appreciate because right now I’m recovering from surgery and caring for a newborn. It is taking all of my energy to simply remain in the moment! At the last minute I can take burgers from the freezer to the grill and have dinner ready in 10 minutes.

In order to simplify this already easy form of cooking, a few years ago I broke down and purchased a dedicated set of grilling tools. I grew tired of digging through my utensil drawer trying to find my metal spatula. Although my kitchen spatula worked, it was not designed for the task of grilling. I grew tired of having the little hairs on my arms singed by the flames and heat from the grill.

Kitchen spatulas feature shorter handles because they are designed for frying pans and griddles. Grilling spatulas feature long handles, allowing the grill master to maintain a safe, and comfortable, distance from the flames and smoke. It took awhile for me to breakdown and purchase the grilling tools, but I haven’t regretted them. It is amazing how the right tool can simply a task.

The grilling spatula in the Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set features a heat resistant, extra long handle and a wide turning area. Using this spatula, I am able to avoid the intense heat and flare ups that are the pitfalls of grilling food. I remain safe, and comfortable, while preparing a quick and easy meal for my family.

The set also has a set of gripper tongs, which are perfect when my husband makes steaks or sausages. My little boy loves the corn holders. Although it isn’t a particularly fun task, I have learned to appreciate the angled cleaning brush included in the set.  The convenient carrying and storage case makes it easy for us to find the tools when we need them. During the winter they are stowed in the closet, but during the warmer months they tend to take up residence in the kitchen with the case conveniently fitting between my refrigerator and cabinet.

The Cuisinart grill set was a fantastic purchase for our grill loving family. Sometimes, breaking down and purchasing the right tools for the jobs makes all the difference.  Happy grilling!

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