Eliminating DVD Boxes

Our house is an electronics lover’s paradise. A quick count reveals that we have four DVD players (including the one in the car), an Xbox and a Wii. While I have come to accept the cords and power strips, there is one aspect of living with all of these devices which has been driving me batty.  Every DVD, and every single game, comes in a plastic case which I found impossible to conveniently and aesthetically store.

My husband blames my desire to tidy-up on pregnancy nesting. I contend that I’m just tired of living in clutter. Either way, this past week I have been on an organizing mission, and those plastic DVD boxes was at the top of my list.

Organizing the games and DVD’s on a bookcase did not work for our family. I discovered quickly that my husband and son would find the desired case, pull out the disk and put it in the appropriate player. When they were ready to switch games or videos, they would get another game without putting back the one which had been in use. A pile of silver disks quickly accumulated on the edge of the TV table while the plastic cases littered the couch and coffee table. Unfortunately, the cats find playing with the silver DVD disks amusing, perpetuating the clutter factor.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a solution to my DVD/ game storage problem. I bought a large CD storage binder. Although not heavy

Imageor bulky, this binder has the capacity to store 336 disks! While everybody was at school (my husband is a teacher), I gleefully liberated every video and game from it’s case. I tossed the empty containers in a large box (for storage in the garage) while I organized the DVD’s into the binder. In less than an hour I had liberated three shelves of DVD boxes and consolidated all of the games and DVD’s into one convenient location.

Now instead of having piles of DVD’s and empty boxes strewn through the family room, everything is organized in a zippered binder. The previously overwhelming game and movie library is now stowed conveniently under the coffee table, allowing it to remain accessible for my gamers while still accommodating my emerging organizing compulsion.  I wish I had thought of consolidating everything into a binder years ago!  It is amazing how such a simple concept, such as consolidating everything into a binder, can solve a frustrating issue.

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