Elevated Garden Bed- Truly UNlimiting!

Spring is almost here!  With only one more winter event forecast for the end of the weekend, I’m optimistic that the warmer temperatures will stop flirting and will finally stay in place. This winter has been nothing short of brutal, and I can’t wait to stop hibernating under my electric throws and again seek warmth from the sun.

With my thoughts focusing on warmer weather, I have begun one of my favorite Springtime endeavors- planning my garden. I am, by no means, an expert gardener. However, I do enjoy tinkering in the soil and watching my efforts grow into a variety of delicious vegetables. As an unanticipated bonus, I discovered that my son is far more willing to try new vegetables if he has had a hand in the growing process. For our family, gardening has allowed us to spend some quality time outdoors while expanding our palettes.

Because I have a little boy who is eager to help, I don’t have to deal with the discomfort of stooping and bending while tending the garden. He is at an age where he is happy to assume this responsibility! Unfortunately my Mom is not lucky enough to have eager young hands to help her, and after her knee replacements she almost abandoned her favorite Spring/Summer hobby altogether.

Kneeling and squatting with knee replacements is both painful and difficult. Her back is not nearly as spry as it was in her youth, so bending at her waist to tend a traditional garden was not an option. Unwilling to allow her to give up, I searched for an alternative to the traditional raised garden.

I purchased this elevated garden bed for Mother’s Day a few years ago, and it has been a game changer. Because the garden is on Imagelegs, she can plant, tend and harvest her produce without bending, kneeling or stooping. She could even tend the garden from the comfort of her wheelchair!

The large bed offers the depth she needs to grow all the vegetables she desires. She was even able to grow a small patch of carrots! Because the entire garden is on a tall platform, weeds are virtually non-existent and her dogs don’t dig up her harvest prematurely.

The elevated garden box is easy to assemble, and required no tools. Although neither of us are mechanically inclined, my husband and I had it assembled in less than an hour. We filled it with potting soil (which in truth was probably the most difficult task) and she was ready to start planting. Set-up could not have been easier, and the end result was surprisingly sturdy and durable.

My Mom accepted that she had to give up a beloved activity because of mobility issues. This elevated garden is more proof that anything can be accomplished with a combination of desire and adaptations. It turns out that it is possible to enjoy the benefits of tending a garden without bending, and without pain. For my Mom, the elevated garden bed has been UNlimiting!

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