Tasmanians urged to report whale sightings

Tasmanians urged to report whale sightings

New South Wales Coastguard says whale sighting reported in South-West

Woman reports whale sighting in Swan’s Head

Tasmanians urged to report whale sightings

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Whale sighting reported in Swan’s Head

Whale sighting reported in Swan’s Head

The Coastguard has been inundated with reports of 바카라sightings near Swan’s Head since yesterday. It’s understood at least seven other people have reported being affected by whale-related encounters this week alone.

The whale sightings that have been reported are all near the Bay of Plenty, however, not all of the incidents are reported near Swan’s Head.

On the weekend, a woman reported to the NSW Coastguard of a whale being spotted offshore.

It’s not known exactly what 바카라she was seeing, but a search was launched to find her.

Earlier this week the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection released the following statement:

“At 9am on Monday 5 September, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued a response alert for the South-West Channel following a reported sighting of the blue whale.

“With our understanding, the two-metre whale was believed to be within a shallow river, no더킹카지노t the Bay of Plenty as previously reported.

“SARATHA (The Search and Rescue Association of New South Wales) have been informed to look at other waters that were in progress of whale activity.

“The Southern Subtropical Pacific, the Gulf of New Guinea and the Eastern Australian seas appear to be areas where there has been at least one sighting of the blue whale, and one or two days’ observation from other boats in and around the area. It is unlikely that this has affected weather patterns in NSW, particularly the areas where whale movements are likely.

“It remains to be seen if these observations will lead to further whale sightings, though we hope so.

“We are asking people who have experienced sightings this week to contact SARATHA as soon as possible in order to assist with rescue or assessment efforts if warranted.

“The AMSA, SARATHA and relevant agencies will liaise with SARATHA staff in each of these areas.

“The AMSA and the Government of New South Wales will remain in close contact with SARATHA through the course of the ongoing incident until this situation is resolved.”

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